Weather Damage: How Nature Can Affect Your Billboard

What kind of coverage comes with billboards? In the event of weather damage interfering with the ad, what are the options? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Effortless Outdoor media can help to give you a solid idea of what happens in this case. Your ad is precious, sacred even. We understand that your […]

Costs Per Impression: How To Maximize Your Billboard’s Reach

So you’ve decided to take the leap and secure your first billboard. It’s normal to still have questions about the effectiveness of your choice. Where should I place it? How many people are going to see it? How much will the fees total out to? All very good inquiries that you should have an answer […]

Geographic Audience: Picking The Right Location For Your Billboard

Every marketing tool has its own range of influence. The limitations of this influence likewise depends on the specific tool. For example, if you market through social media, you are limited to social media users. Likewise, if you market on Television, you are limited to those who watch television. Billboards are one of the few […]

Billboard Art: Picking The Right Design For Your Ad

What goes into making a good billboard? First, you must decide what kind of billboard you want. Popular options include static and digital billboards. A static billboard is made of vinyl, and as it’s name implies, doesn’t move. Digital billboards on the other hand are electronic and automated From there, it’s time to decide what […]

Marketing Results When It Comes To Outdoor Ads

Let’s say you’re on the fence about getting a billboard to promote your brand. One question you may have is what guarantees do you get when choosing such an option. And it’s a fair question. Anyone purchasing a billboard is clearly serious about their brand. Still, the answer may surprise you. As Bill states with […]

Billboard Extensions – When Do You Need One?

One of the keys to advertising is standing out. This comes after you’ve determined that you have a bankable service. By this point you’ve ironed out the details and crafted your message into a concise statement. The worst thing that can happen is for this message to go unheard. Unfortunately, it can be very easy […]

Billboard Extensions Price: What You Can Expect To Pay

The beauty of billboards are the endless number of options they present. There are multiple ways to “spruce” your ad up. From the design, to the positioning, and more, they prove to be a versatile choice. As you may know, you can have a static option, or for a higher cost, a digital option. Materials […]

How Much Copy Should Your Next Billboard Have?

There are many considerations when it comes to selecting and designing a billboard. One of the first choices is whether you want a static or digital billboard. A static billboard refers to one with printed copy and designs. A digital billboard is just that; an electronic option. But, with either selection, you choose the corresponding […]

Rental Periods and Contracts

So you’ve decided you’re ready to purchase a billboard. Your message means enough to you that you want it displayed for the world to see! Well you’ve come to right place. This blog champions the use of billboards. They remain a steadfast means of promotions for all brands! Before committing to anything, it’s good to […]

Billboard Over Direct Mail: Which One Is Better And Why?

There are so many ways to promote your brand. The evolution of technology has seen to that. From social media, to the ever evolving nature of the world wide web, your options are plenty! Still, there is always value in looking to the past to see just how far we’ve come. From Radio, to TV, […]