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Geographic Audience: Picking The Right Location For Your Billboard

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Every marketing tool has its own range of influence. The limitations of this influence likewise depends on the specific tool. For example, if you market through social media, you are limited to social media users. Likewise, if you market on Television, you are limited to those who watch television.

Billboards are one of the few prospects that are virtually limitless. That’s because, regardless of who you are, you’re most likely leaving home at the some point. This exponentially increases the chances of you coming across a billboard. That visibility gives this medium the edge when it comes to marketing.


In the clip above, Bill references a gym or restaurant. In this case, having a billboard “within a two or three mile radius” of customers is a must! This helps to ensure that you’re marketing to the audience that’s most likely to patronize you. This naturally helps increase chances of audience retention. Billboards are actually one of few promotional options that can narrow its efforts in such a way.

As stated above, other options come with much greater chances of disconfirmation. For example, if you market on TV, someone’s going to turn the TV off at some point. If social media is your chosen platform, there’s a chance people aren’t on their phones all day. But if they walk outside, their chances of missing your signage is far less. “With a billboard… you can’t turn it off, you can’t change the channel. That’s one of the great things the makes outdoor very effective.”

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Clip Transcript:

Jason Sirotin:

Hi, I’m Jason Sirotin, And today I’m speaking with Bill Hobbs, who is the owner and proprietor, managing director, everything of Effortless Outdoor Media, which is a outdoor media advertising placement company. Is it true that billboards are the best tool for reaching a geographic-specific audience?

Bill Hobbs:

Oh, without a doubt. Billboards are the best tool to reach a geographic-specific audience. For example, let’s say you’re a restaurant or a gym, and a lot of that type of business gets people within a two- or three-mile radius. So if you do any other advertising, you’re going to have wasted impressions, because you’re going to reach people outside that area. Where, a billboard, if you have a restaurant that’s in the back of a shopping center, you can put a billboard right for the shopping center, with an arrow to let people know they’re there. Billboards are really the only type of advertising that can get down to that specific geographic area. And the great thing about outdoor is that it’s not like other media, where you have a chance to turn off the TV or change their channel with a TV or radio. But with a billboard, if you’re driving down the road and you put a board at a stoplight, people will stare at it because they’re stuck in traffic. You can’t turn it off, you can’t change the channel. So, that’s one of the great things that makes outdoor very effective.

Jason Sirotin:

Bill, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us today. We really appreciate it. If you’re interested in learning more about what Bill has to offer, you can visit him online at and you can email him at bhobbs. That’s B-H-O-B-B-S


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