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Digital Billboards Advertising

Amplify Your Message with Digital Billboards

Harness the power of dynamic advertising with digital billboards. Engage your audience with real-time updates, eye-catching visuals, and precise targeting. Effortless Outdoor Media delivers impactful digital campaigns that leave a lasting impression. Contact us today to maximize your brand’s reach.


The Digital World

In 1963, author J.G. Ballard predicted the use of enormous electric signs to entice people to “buy now” in a short story entitled, The Subliminal Man. Today, digital billboard advertising is very much a reality utilized by small and large corporations across the country. 

According to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, digital billboards made their first actual appearance in 2005 as both screen and Internet technology became available to make the remote loading of files possible onto a billboard-sized screen. However, prior to the first electronic billboard, digital place-based screens had been in use since the 1990’s.

The science behind how electronic billboards work is pretty simple: advertising messages rotate every six to eight seconds on an LED screen. Controlled remotely, this advertising option is best-suited for companies in need of more flexibility in their ad messaging. Created in a similar way to ads on traditional billboards, the key difference is in ad delivery. Digital billboard advertising is sent out as a simple .JPEG file rather than printed and pasted directly to the billboard.

The Benenfits Of Going Digital


The ability to make immediate copy changes to an ad is perhaps the biggest benefit to digital billboard advertising, especially if your campaign includes running limited-time promotions or focuses on upcoming events. In this medium, you have the ability to change your message daily, hourly, or even minute-to-minute should your campaign needs call for it. With these quick changes, you can ensure your target audience is getting the right messages at the right time. You even have the ability to target specific customers on certain days and can provide real time news should you get new information to share at any point. The ever-rotating messages on an electronic billboard may also be more eye-catching, which is good news since 71% of drivers and passengers notice a billboard message when they pass one, according to Arbitron.


Oftentimes, digital billboard advertising is used for sales promotions, counting down to a specific event or holiday, promoting specials at local restaurants, featuring new real estate listings, and more. Utilizing electronic billboards can potentially attract a large number of customers here in Atlanta, the seventh largest media market in the US according to Nielsen.

Seeing results with effective billboard advertising

While a relatively new option in the outdoor media market, electronic billboards tap into an audience already well-versed at processing billboard advertising. Especially here in Atlanta, where over 76% of commuters get to work by car, spending over half an hour, on average, driving to and from work.
However, because your ad is in constant rotation on a digital billboard, it’s important to have the right design which will stand out enough to leave a lasting impression. Including certain elements can help:
Including these key elements can help:
With extensive experience working with digital billboard advertising, Effortless Outdoor Media can help you bring all of these elements together to create a highly-effective electronic billboard ad campaign. Not only can we assist you with design, but our in-depth knowledge of the outdoor advertising opportunities in and around Atlanta ensures we can help you find the right location for your ads to reach your target audience.

Get Your Digital Billboard

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