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Billboard Art: Picking The Right Design For Your Ad

A wide variety of very popular billboard advertisements

What goes into making a good billboard? First, you must decide what kind of billboard you want. Popular options include static and digital billboards. A static billboard is made of vinyl, and as it’s name implies, doesn’t move. Digital billboards on the other hand are electronic and automated

From there, it’s time to decide what text is going on the board. This can be a catchphrase, or a brief summary of your brand’s mission statement. This brings us to the topic in question: billboard art. What does the art design of your board say about your brand and service?

Designing your board’s art

After initiating your contract with an outdoor advertiser, now it’s time to design. You should be able to work with your partner to determine what exactly is going into and onto your board. A good advertiser will make all the correct inquiries to ensure your piece is done perfectly.

A good advertiser should have a relationship with a reputable artist.  Once you’ve both agreed on a design, they can reach out to get some samples done. After final approvals, your piece is ready for building. Your copy will be diligently constructed across a billboard size of your choosing.

Working with Effortless Outdoor Media

Billboard art can be your best and worst asset depending on how its completed. Poor dimensions or improper ratios can actually do more damage than not having any board at all. Make sure it’s done right; work with professionals to see to it that you get what you need.

Effortless Outdoor Media is here to help. Our artist associate is very capable and professional. We can help you ensure that your billboard art is everything you want and need it to be. Don’t waste another second! Contact us today to get started!

Clip Transcript

Jason Sirotin:

Hi, I’m Jason Sirotin. And today I’m speaking with Bill Hobbs, who is the owner and proprietor, managing director, everything, of Effortless Outdoor Media, which is a outdoor media advertising placement company. Who designs billboard art?

Bill Hobbs:

Well, the person that designs billboard art would be the client and myself would have a meeting once they signed a contract for a billboard and decide to move forward. And I would basically ask them what separates them from their competition? What’s the main selling point of why somebody would choose you as opposed to somebody else in the industry? With that knowledge, I would come up with a design and I would get in touch with the artist I use and ask them to, I give them direction as far as what we want to put on the billboard, the message. And then the artists would design it for me. But I would come up with the idea and with a call to action

Jason Sirotin:

Bill, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us today. We really appreciate it. If you’re interested in learning more about what Bill has to offer, you can visit him online at And you can email him at B Hobbs. That’s


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