Billboard Over Radio: Which One Is Better And Why?

The game of advertising is a constantly changing one. There are an infinite number of options to use when promoting a brand. The individual options are often versatile, allowing many ways to spread your message. But there is a flip side to this area, one that can spell problems depending on the effort you choose. […]

Billboard Over TV

There are countless options for advertising your brand in the world. Online, outdoor, and more options exist to help increase your company’s visibility. Your target audience is only a marketing campaign away from hearing of your services. Of these options, two of the most prominent are billboards and TV. Marketing on the television The practice […]

How Many People See It

Billboards have long been a suitable choice for outdoor advertising. They are placed throughout cities to engage people that may need the noted services. There are a countless number of people passing these ads on a regular basis. Or so we thought. There is actually an answer to the question of how many people see […]

Making It Memorable

Let’s say you’ve decided to purchase a billboard. This will allow you to gather the attention of anyone passing by your board. But how should your board look? How do you guarantee that what people see will attract them beyond the moment’s notice they have to scan it?Because you have a limited window to catch […]

Pictures On Billboards

So you’re ready to buy your first billboard. The next step is determining what pictures should go on your ad. This can be tricky, as it takes an understanding of marketing to make a good board. The design, color scheme, and more factor into this. That’s why it always helps to have a good outdoor […]

Costs Of Buying

There are a vast number of considerations when it comes to buying a billboard. First, you must determine your target audience. Then you have to locate a billboard space where your audience tends to traffic. Lastly, you have to determine the dimensions and design of your ad’s contents. This is all before you take the […]

Highway Vs Surface Street

The options for outdoor media extend to both highways and surface streets. Is there a distinction to be drawn between the two? While both are billboards, their locations can imply more specific differences. Listen above as Bill breaks this down, and read below for a more detailed look at outdoor media. Surface Street Advertising So […]


There is a lot of value in advertising that can guarantee you impressions. Once you know your target audience, you can appropriately plan for your ad’s locale. You’ll want an outdoor media partner that does its due diligence. This will ensure that your ad is placed in the most visible locations. Certain obstructions, both man […]

Choosing A Billboard

So you’ve decided that buying a billboard is right for your company’s marketing. If it’s your first time, welcome to world of outdoor media! This is a wonderful option for increasing your brand’s awareness. You can be sure that your message will reach whoever passes your ad. Still there are many considerations to remember when […]

Using A Digital Billboard

Outdoor media has long been a strong tool for targeted advertising needs. The visibility of a billboard allows businesses to ensure their message is seen. It’s rare that you to go without spotting one, whether on the highway or on surface streets. But does this mean that every company looking to advertise should use this […]