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Billboard Extensions Price: What You Can Expect To Pay

A wide variety of very popular billboard advertisements

The beauty of billboards are the endless number of options they present. There are multiple ways to “spruce” your ad up. From the design, to the positioning, and more, they prove to be a versatile choice. As you may know, you can have a static option, or for a higher cost, a digital option.

Materials like vinyl help to produce the static choice. Meanwhile, the digital option comes with several options for display. It doesn’t stop there either. Did you know that there are variations beyond the specs of the board? It all depends on your idea and creativity.

Billboards: Thinking outside the box, literally

One of the greatest attributes of billboards is that they are not limited to the square board shape. As Jason mentions in the clip above, say you want an irregular shape on your board. Think about the cow cutout figures that we see on the Chick-fil-a billboards.

You can generally get as creative as possible with these. Of course, there are some limitations, but in all if you can think it it can likely happen. There are considerable price differences though for these options to keep in mind. Read the next section below to learn more.

Pricing for extensions

The rate for these add-ons, or extensions as they’re referred to above, can vary. Bill cites the rate as $25 per square foot. That means that this option can inflate your budget fairly quickly. This all boils down to how creative your idea is. But if you’ve got the budget, why not go all out!?

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Podcast Transcript

Jason Sirotin:

Hi, I’m Jason Sirotin. And today, I’m speaking with Bill Hobbs, who is the the owner and proprietor, managing director, everything, of Effortless Outdoor Media, which is an outdoor media advertising placement company.

So Bill, I have this client and they want to build this dragon, and have it on a regular billboard, but they want it to be off of the normal size. How does a billboard extension like that work in terms of billing?

Bill Hobbs:

Oh, that’s a great question. So the way a billboard extension works is that it’s about $25 per square foot. So if you had an extension that’s five feet by 10 feet, that’d be $1,250. And extensions, I have a number of clients who use extensions on billboards and it’s extremely effective, because it draws your eye to the billboard.

And most billboards are a rectangle shape where, if you put something on top of the billboard, or on the side of it, then it immediately will draw your attention and make your board stick out, and it’s much more effective.

I worked with Reliable Heating & Air, Golden Corral, Horsetown, a number of my clients use extensions, and they’ve been very effective. But as far the billing, it’s just a one-time charge for the extension.

Jason Sirotin:

Bill, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us today. We really appreciate it. If you’re interested in learning more about what Bill has to offer, you can visit him online at, and you can email him at bhobbs, that’s B-H-O-B-B-S




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