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Hollywood Billboards: How Marvel Uses Outdoor Advertising

Billboard advertising has long been a resource enjoyed by a variety of mediums.

No matter how small or large you industry is, a billboard presents an equal opportunity for spreading the word on your brand. Case in point, the incredibly popular Marvel Entertainment. 

It's hard to imagine a person not knowing what the Marvel universe is.

Even if you aren’t a fan of the films, it’s marketing is still so ever present that even the staunchest detractor would know of its existence. Yet and still, the company elects to continue its use of outdoor advertising.

Shrinking Ads Down to Size

One of the most creative examples of a Marvel billboard came by way of their Ant-Man franchise. For those unfamiliar with the lore of the character, Ant-Man can manipulate an object’s molecular makeup to shrink or grow to any size. When it came time to promote the film, Marvel had an incredible idea.

Instead of a typical billboard, they released “fun-sized” billboards. These tiny iterations of ads were the perfect attention grabbers. They were undoubtedly a contributing factor to the film’s box office take home, bringing in over $500 million in worldwide revenues.

The beauty of billboard advertising is that you don't have to be a major motion picture studio to use it.

With the right outdoor advertising company, you too can maximize your brand’s reach. No more wondering if your name’s ringing bells. Now you’ll know.

Advertise Like the Big Leagues

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