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Billboard Loving Brands

There are billboards in every state in America. That’s because companies have long seen the value of taking advantage of all that space on the open road. Virtually every major brand that’s serious about getting the word out on their offerings has a billboard set up somewhere. Let’s take a deeper look into some of these billboard loving brands.

Coca Cola was one of the first brands to show their excitement over the popular advertising forum.

 At the time (the 1900’s), they were one of few companies with the capital to afford them. Back then, billboard advertising wasn’t as accessible, and thus it was often only the larger institutions that employed them. That’s of course not the case in the present day. Now, brands like Coca Cola get billboard space by proximity, with larger brands like McDonalds often including them in their signs.

Coca Cola & Palmolive

Another big brand to hop on the billboard train early was Kelloggs. The company popular for revolutionizing the cereal industry couldn’t wait to get their signs up in the early 1900’s. Cut to now, and like Coca Cola, they’re still using the medium to great effect. 

Palmolive is another billboard loving brand that had the means to indulge in them early. It makes total sense, though, considering how so many people used dish soap and detergent in their day to day lives. This trend remains a recurring one in the 2020’s; as such, Palmolive is still using them to promote their products! 

Working With EOM

Your brand’s messaging deserves to get a real shot at your audience’s attention. And now that billboard messaging is so much more accessible, businesses of all sizes can benefit from the marketing opportunity they present. Ready to get your message on the open road? Contact Effortless Outdoor Media today to learn more!

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