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Ancient Billboards: A History Lesson

Did you know that billboards pre-date most of the common modern forms of advertising? In fact, you can trace the history of some of these ancient billboards back several millennia. Their roots are found in Egypt, though they went by a different name back then.

That’s right: hieroglyphs are considered to be ancient billboards. Of course, back then they weren’t used for the same purpose as they are today. Instead of working to advertise a specific business, they were instead used to promote the then current ruler’s political ideologies. These massive illustrations were one hell of a feat, and they laid the foundations for the signage we know and love today!

Spain and Britain

While on the subject of overseas traditions, did you know that the largest billboard in the world currently stands in Spain? You might’ve thought America earned the distinction. But even though business is booming here, our friends in Madrid managed to snag this particular honor.

Speaking of overseas, let’s take a quick trip across the pond! Our friends in Britain experience some pretty contentious weather throughout the year. That said, a solid vinyl billboard is able to withstand even the worst their climate has to offer. 

Effortless Outdoor Media

That brings us to the close of our latest entry on billboards. Be sure to check out our blog archive to learn more about this field’s intriguing history. You never know what cool facts are lurking right under your nose!

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