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Some More Interesting Billboard History

The industry is chocked full of fun facts and interesting billboard history that you may not be aware of! First let’s look at its actual name. Did you know there was a literal meaning behind it’s etymology? While the “board” aspect is fairly self explanatory, its first half actually carries a rich lineage.

This comes from a method of advertising that dates back well into the 1800’s. People would affix various advertisements to a structure, albeit in a much more rudimentary fashion. Fast forward to present day, and it still reigns as one of the most profitable means of exposure.

How Cars Helped The Business

Another interesting fact is that some of the initial successes in billboard history are directly tied to the growth of the automobile industry. At the time cars were a novel invention, and the powers that be were noticing some major trends developing in its wake. One of them was that people were spending a lot more time on the open road.
The race was on to figure out how to take advantage of this past time. The answer? Erecting advertisements along both surface streets and highways to catch the attention of those passing by. Again, this is a trend that maintained its popularity as time went on. In fact, it’s gotten more common as the years progressed!

Using Wooden Boards

As you can imagine, billboards have evolved along with modern technology. In the early days, most adverts were affixed to structures made of timber. As tech continued to expand, more options became available. By the 1990’s, you started to see more of the common fare vinyl. A mere decade later, digital boards were introduced.

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