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Musical Billboards

There's so much you can do with an outdoor advertisement.

Static billboards are just as effective as they’ve always been. But along with the advent of technology in the world, has come a multitude of ways to skin this particular cat. A great example of this are musical billboards!

This spike in technological advancements has brought along so many different chances to revolutionize your approach to marketing. You can use a number of different resources and creative approaches to make your ad pop. Below, we explore how the inclusion of music can make your effort all the more engaging!

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Adding Sounds To Your Board

It's been almost a decade since the world saw its first musical billboard. The advertisers found a way to incorporate sound into their approach. This piggy backs off of the now oft-used digital billboard, which brought an electronic take on ads. Now, you can add music to the mix, making for a board that's all the more engaging.

This is perfect for advertising something that centers on music. If you're a recording artist, for example, imagine advertising your songs in real time! Now, instead of a person having to do further investigation to actually hear what you sound like, they get a front row seat to your stylings. This is a huge help if you're not as well known, and don't already have widespread acclaim.

Why You Should Choose EOM

Of course, you don’t have to be a musical artist to benefit from this approach. It can spice up any ad, regardless of the industry you’re in. It’s a nice touch that gives the audience insight into your creative leanings.

Regardless of the type of billboard you want, Effortless Outdoor Media can help. And the best part is, we’re only one inquiry away. Schedule a consultation with us via our contact page today to learn more!

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