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Billboard Over Direct Mail: Which One Is Better And Why?

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There are so many ways to promote your brand. The evolution of technology has seen to that. From social media, to the ever evolving nature of the world wide web, your options are plenty! Still, there is always value in looking to the past to see just how far we’ve come.

From Radio, to TV, and beyond, there’s a rich and varied history in promotional options. There are even several interesting precursors to the mediums we enjoy today. Something that outdates all of these is mailed correspondence. Read on to learn more about the history of direct mail, and how well it works in modern times for promo.

Direct mail as a promotional tool

Direct mail was at one time a primary means of learning new information on promo offers and deals. When it was a newer concept, people were much more likely to look into mail from new or unknown sources.

But, as time progressed, the medium became overused. People became less likely to open correspondence from an unknown sender. The likelihood of this was increased infinitely after a string of unfortunate moments. A good example of this was the anthrax scare of the early 2000’s.

Using billboards to communicate your message

Billboards remain a solid option for promotions even to this day. Even in the face of a pandemic, people still have to leave their homes for essential travel. That means they are still seeing the adverts conveniently located along their travel. It’s pandemic proof nature only enhances it’s viability as a promotional option.

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Clip Transcript:

Jason Sirotin:

Hi, I’m Jason Sirotin. And today I’m speaking with Bill Hobbs, who is the owner and proprietor, managing director, everything of Effortless Outdoor Media, which is a outdoor media advertising placement company. Why use a billboard over direct mail?

Bill Hobbs:

The reason to use a billboard over direct mail is, number one, in order for direct mail to be effective, you have to open the package the coupons come in, which many people don’t open them. And then you have to look through 100… There may be 100 or 50 or 75 coupons that are in there. You have to look through every one. Somebody could miss your ad easily.

With a billboard, if you put a billboard at a red light and you’re stopped at a light, you’re looking at the billboard. You don’t have to do anything… don’t have to open a package. You don’t have to open an envelope. You’re going to be looking right at that billboard. And you can’t miss it. So that’s the reason why outdoor billboards are very effective for my clients.

Jason Sirotin:

Bill, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us today. We really appreciate it. If you’re interested in learning more about what Bill has to offer, you can visit him online at and you can email him at bhobbs, that’s B-H-O-B-B-S, at




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