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How Covid-19 Has Affected The Outdoor Media Business

When the pandemic of 2020 first hit, it affected virtually every aspect of everyday life. All industries felt this impact in some way. Some in a positive way, and others not so much. While the outdoor media industry is still alive and kicking, it hasn’t gone unaffected. The amount that COVID-19 affects our industry has […]

Smart Digital Billboards: Are They The Future Of Outdoor Media

Billboards have long been a viable means of marketing outdoors. There are many different variations of these boards. You have your static board, which are made of vinyl and are unchanging. Then you have your digital boards. These are electronic and come their own set of styles and compositions.  As of late though, there has […]

Disadvantages Of Digital: Knowing The Ins and Outs of Digital Billboards

There are a couple of options when it comes to choosing your next billboard. These options each come with their own further consideration. Static billboards, for example, are made of vinyl and are unchanging. That means once your billboard is up, that’s what it’s going to look like for its entire lifetime. Any changes made […]

Call To Action: When And How To Use CTA’s On Your Billboard

Call To Actions are an integral part of advertising. These are defined as specific, actionable requests from company to potential customer. This can help to engage your audience and keep them engaged, as opposed to a static message. This is no different when it comes to billboards. But does this mean that all ads should […]

Colors For Billboards: Which Are Best For Ad Memorability?

There are so many considerations when it comes to creating your billboard. First, you have to decide what kind of billboard you want. Your static options are often cheaper. But, once erected, these vinyl centered selections cannot be changed. Hence why they’re called static. To address this, try going digital. Digital options can run a […]

Image Resolution Is A Major Factor In Outdoor Media

Billboards are a great way to increase your brand’s visibility. Did you leave home today? Think about how many billboards you likely saw to and from your destination. Now think about their designs and image resolution. Which stood out to you the most? Did you notice any trends in the ones that were more memorable? […]

Designing Tips For Your Next Outdoor Media Ad

Billboards are some of the most recognizable ways to draw attention to your business. You can create one made of vinyl, with a captivating design. Or, you can choose a digital option with equally arresting visuals. Either way, a billboard is guaranteed to get you impressions. This generates leads, which leads to sales. But what […]

Effortless Outdoor Media: Why You Should Choose Us

Getting a billboard can help build your visibility tenfold. What’s even more exciting are the amount of options you get to choose from. There’s vinyl billboards. Also known as static billboards, these options are unchanging, but captivating. And for a higher price, you can get a digital option. With the digital option, you get to […]

Relative Cost of Billboards: Putting Billboard Ad Costs In Perspective

Looking to get your brand seen by a considerable number of impressions? Billboards are a great option that garner big attention once placed. The amount of traffic that passes a well placed billboard far out does most other options. That’s because it has to come outside at some point! There are also several options to […]

Vinyl: What Happens After Your Billboard Promotion Ends

There’s a great deal that goes into creating a billboard. And for good reason, too. These ads are some of the most complex and bulbous to create. Thus, you should always pay close attention to the details of your ad. Once they’re up, they’re up! There’s of course more wiggle room with a digital option, […]