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Relative Cost of Billboards: Putting Billboard Ad Costs In Perspective

A wide variety of very popular billboard advertisements

Looking to get your brand seen by a considerable number of impressions? Billboards are a great option that garner big attention once placed. The amount of traffic that passes a well placed billboard far out does most other options. That’s because it has to come outside at some point!

There are also several options to choose from when selecting a billboard. Your static options come with an unchanging design made of vinyl. Or you can go digital, with the option of changing its appearance whenever you’d like. Whichever option you choose, you can’t lose! This begs the question, though: how much am I shelling out for such a construct?! Read below for more on the relative costs of these ads.

Coming out of pocket for out of home advertising

So what’s the relative cost of a billboard? The real answer is, it varies. The amount you pay for your billboard depends on a number of factors. Location, type of billboard, and more go into determining this figure.

The good news is, it’s still a cheaper option than television or radio marketing. This had to do with costs per impressions. “Sometimes they are as low as a dollar or two per 1000 impressions. [With a lot] of other media, it’s $10-$20… per 1000.” Also, areas where there are a lot of advertisers often translates to lower costs. Atlanta is a prime example of this.

The type of billboard you get also influences the price. Static options are generally cheaper. Digital options allow you to do more, though, including adjustments whenever. You’ll also have to share this option with other advertisers, but it remains the same.

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Clip Transcript:

Jason Sirotin:

Hi, I’m Jason Sirotin and today I’m speaking with Bill Hobbs, who is the owner and proprietor, managing director, everything, of Effortless Outdoor Media, which is a outdoor media advertising placement company.

How does the cost of billboards compare to TV, radio, print?

Bill Hobbs:

That’s a great question. So the billboards are less expensive than TV, radio, print when you compare it to cost per thousand. It depends on the market. Every market is different, but Atlanta has some of the lower cost per thousand on billboards than any major metropolitan area, because there are so many billboard companies here. The more competition there is, the lower the rates are. So with billboards in Atlanta, sometimes they are as low as a dollar or two or three per thousand impressions, where a lot of other media it’s $10, $20 is your cost per thousand. So, it’s much less expensive.

Jason Sirotin:

Bill, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us today. We really appreciate it. If you’re interested in learning more about what Bill has to offer, you can visit him online at And you can email him at


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