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The Power of Retail Billboards

A wide variety of very popular billboard advertisements

While there are many options when it comes to advertising, retail billboards can make an impact on the local community in two very important ways. Just one type of out-of-home (OOH) advertising, billboards offer the unique opportunity to place advertising in proximity to your brick and mortar store. You can use the medium to physically point them in the right direction so they can get to you. Billboards can promote multiple locations in a single space, as well as provide impactful signage you may not have on your own property. All combined, retail billboards help give you more attention, which can lead to more business.

Entice new retail customers

Enticing consumers

In general, billboards have the potential to leave an impression on those who see it. Not only that, they often help people make a purchasing decision. This is especially beneficial to retail business because it can bring in customers more steadily.

Billboards are often seen during key decision-making moments when it comes to purchases.

  • Nearly 3/4 of billboard viewers shop during their drive home from work.
  • More than 2/3 of billboard viewers make purchasing decisions while in their car.
  • More than 1/3 of billboard viewers will stop at an actual store on their way home.

Placing your retail billboard along popular commuter routes, promoting the later hours you’re open, could lead to more end-of-day purchases simply because you’re getting the timing just right for when your audience wants to shop. Additionally, understanding common shopping habits can help you decide whether billboard advertising is right for you.

Mall retail billboards

Motivating individuals to visit a particular business can come from OOH advertising.

  • Nearly 1/4 of billboard viewers visit a particular store the same day they first see a billboard.
  • 1/3 of billboard viewers visit a particular store they see advertised later that same week.
  • About half of the billboard viewing audience receives directional information from the billboard as well.

Crafting a message on your billboard to attract attention is essential, but consider placing your billboard close to your business. You can use the space to remind them to get off at the next exit or to take the next left into the local shopping center, inspiring them to head to your store right away.

Because people often recall and react to a properly designed billboard, they’re more likely to visit a retail store they see advertised, big and bold, on their way around Atlanta. The secret is designing a retail billboard that leaves a lasting impression.

Selecting the best location

Because you can use a retail billboard to physically instruct people how to get to your store, location is everything. Finding a billboard close enough for directional information to make sense is important. Partnering with a company like Effortless Outdoor Media allows you to rely on their research to locate the best spot for your billboard. Whether you have to tell people your shop is a few miles down the road, or right around the corner, the options presented by Effortless Outdoor Media ensures you get a location that aligns with your advertising strategy.

Not only can Effortless Outdoor Media provide you with options in proximity to your business, but they won’t suggest a billboard that hasn’t been properly vetted. Visiting each possible choice ensures you end up with a billboard that’s clear of any visual obstacles and properly angled for the easiest access. If Effortless Outdoor Media isn’t already familiar with the location, they’ll work with you to check-in on the site and make sure everything looks perfect before you select your spot.

Outdoor advertising for retail businesses

Designing the right message

There are certain tried-and-true best practices when it comes to designing a billboard. The first is to not feel overwhelmed by the sheer size of the advertising space. You don’t have to put more into a billboard to create impact. Less is more when it comes to the type of advertising most people see as they zoom by in their cars. Effortless Outdoor Media is ready to pass their knowledge on to you to prepare a concise (around eight words) message that packs a punch. They’ll help ensure your brand and call to action fit seamlessly into the design, that the colors are right for consumption, and that any imagery packs the right punch. All of these elements combined make for a billboard design more able to meet the marketing goals aligned with your OOH advertising strategies.

Capturing the market

Understanding how OOH advertising can help improve your retail business starts with a conversation around marketing goals. At Effortless Outdoor Media our first step is understanding you and your retail company. We aim to customize your retail billboards based on your needs, whether they’re enhancing brand recognition, driving online sales, or increasing in-store purchases. Working closely together to match your needs to the right location, we are happy to partner with you to polish the best message for the medium.

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All statistics are from The Arbitron National In-Car Study.


For the best billboard and outdoor advertisement prices, placement and service contact us now at – We will respond within 24 hours or less.