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Why Some Companies Struggle With Competitive Billboard Pricing

A wide variety of very popular billboard advertisements

Deciding to add billboard advertising to your marketing campaign can have many positive effects. Not only does out-of-home advertising build brand awareness, but it helps push out your campaign to a potentially huge audience. When it comes time to purchase billboard space you have options. Locally-owned and operated outdoor advertising businesses typically have the most regional knowledge and experience. A billboard franchise company is often a local branch of a larger conglomerate with established practices to follow. You can even strike out on your own and connect with individual billboard retailers to find the best location for your ad.

Each type of business offers the same basic service, a billboard to put up your ad. However, not all present that service in the same way with the same level of customer care and support. Who you work with can also impact pricing. Finding the right vendor for your specific needs, that can help guide you through the entire billboard advertising process, is essential.

The problem with pricing billboards

Comparing a billboard franchise company to an independent business

A billboard franchise company expands its business by looking for individuals who want to buy and operate a business out of their home. Sales and marketing experience is often unnecessary, along with knowledge about the industry itself. Companies like Billboard Connection offer a training program on business management that includes industry background to help new franchise owners get started, but there’s no guarantee of the previous experience an individual has working in out-of-home advertising.

An independent outdoor advertising company is often established around the owner’s experience in the field. Their passion is in outdoor marketing, not necessarily in owning a business. Effortless Outdoor Media, for example, boasts over 30 years of industry experience. This translates to well-established relationships with billboard retailers which can lead to pricing deals others are unable to get. It also means they know how to design an effective billboard.

Pricing Billboards can be slightly random

Assessing value

The cost of your billboard, once you make a selection, is influenced by more than just the physical cost to use the billboard. The experience your outdoor advertising company has in the field creates beneficial relationships with vendors that can lead to savings for the customer. The longer they’ve been in the business, the easier it will most likely be for them to work with retailers to get your the best price for your billboard.

Experience in the field isn’t the only factor impacting price. Fees and other charges can increase your cost without giving you any additional service. Many billboard franchise companies are required to pay a franchise fee, for example. This can impact their product pricing since a portion of that fee may trickle down to clients. Independently-owned business don’t have these additional fees to calculate into the price of their services.

It’s also important to look at what you’re getting for the cost. Many independent billboard businesses offer additional services, with no extra fee, to help you create an effective billboard. Offering advice on wording, design, and art, they can pass along best practices from their extensive experience in the field. Effortless Outdoor Media takes the time to get to know each client in order to provide a personalized experience. Learning each business’ story along with what they want to achieve through outdoor advertising, helps customize advertising suggestions.

A billboard franchise company will most likely be unable to fully customize options for clients. Held to strict business requirements from their parent company, they won’t necessarily be as flexible as independently-owned businesses.

How much does this billboard cost?

Paying less and getting more

Overall, it’s important to look at purchasing billboard advertising space as paying for the entire experience. Most people don’t want to spend the time locating their own billboard, which is why many don’t go through this process on their own. A lack of experience can be costly in this industry, and many billboard franchise owners have the same experience as those hiring companies to help. They often have to re-establish connections with billboard retailers in the area, which takes time, and time is money.

Independent outdoor advertising businesses, on the other hand, typically aren’t new to the game. Their experience provides opportunities to save money rather than cost you more. It also greatly advances their expertise in creating successful billboards. The proof is most often online, in black and white. The testimonials from satisfied clients at Effortless Outdoor Media speak volumes on the level of service and amount of knowledge they bring to each billboard purchase.

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For the best billboard and outdoor advertisement prices, placement and service contact us now at – We will respond within 24 hours or less.