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How Car Dealerships Can Thrive Using Digital Billboards

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Car dealership billboards can play an integral role in the overall marketing strategy of the brand. Not only can they help promote sales or special deals on new cars, they can also help move used car inventory. The versatility of out-of-home (OOH) advertising, especially when considering how easily it moves between traditional and digital options, keeps the medium on top. The increase in marketing through online channels hasn’t dethroned the impact billboards can have. This is mainly because people still go places. When behind the wheel, people can’t be distracted by their devices, but they do have time to see and react to a billboard.

Continue to get brand exposure and stay present in the minds of consumers by including OOH advertising strategies in your marketing plan.

al Billboard are changing the outdoor media game

Billboards make a digital shift

While still highly effective in print form, billboards are changing with the times. With the advent of digital options car dealership billboards no longer have to rely on a static message to boost sales. Digital billboards update in real time, allowing you to make changes to your ad space whenever you need to in order to implement a full marketing strategy. You could change your message every day, even every hour, promoting different offers or cars for sale to get people on the lot.

You also have the flexibility to display multiple ads at a single location. Since most digital billboards rotate through a series of ads within a certain timeframe, you can increase audience appeal by targeting different segments on the same billboard. You don’t need to guess which ad belongs in what location, they can all go up at the best spot.

Create custom campaigns based on timing

Customized campaigns get even more specific with digital billboards. You could create two different ads to run on a single day, one that targets commuters on their way to work, and the other on their way home. You could promote a lunchtime special to attract individuals heading out for a bite. You could even theme ads to run throughout a single day, focusing on financing, price cuts, or even highlighting a specific model of car you’re trying to move. When a car you’re promoting sells, simply slip in another one the moment the ink dries on the sale. Digital billboards can update that quickly to keep your advertising current and keep those cars moving off the lot.

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Help hit sales goals with targeted advertising

The adaptability of digital billboards can help you time out your promotions perfectly. Promote sales and special deals during the busiest times of the year. Highlight the affordability of vehicles during the times when they’re least likely to sell. Push used inventory when you need to make room for incoming vehicles. Each of these strategies is easily implemented with a compelling billboard advertising plan. Specific times you could target include:

  • Big car sales holidays such as Veteran’s Day, Black Friday, Christmas Eve, and Columbus Day.
  • Immediately after a holiday weekend when you may have gotten a boost in used car inventory as a result of new purchases.
  • The end of sales cycles to help meet quotas — month’s end, quarter end, or even the end of the year.
  • Slower seasons, like winter, when people are less likely to stop by without a little prompting.
  • Right before a new model releases to clear inventory.
  • Weekdays to entice commuters who might be thinking of buying a new car.
  • Periods of lower interest rates or when you’re able to offer financing incentives.

Utilizing billboard advertising to keep inventory moving off the lot through individual purchases can save you the hassle of having to sell the vehicles at auction at a fraction of the price.

Car dealership billboards

Work with a car dealership billboard expert

Well-versed in all aspects of OOH advertising, Effortless Outdoor Media, can help you through the entire process. They offer support selecting the best digital billboard location, securing the proper amount of ad space, and in designing compelling ads that your audience can read. Pulling in all the elements together seamlessly to adhere to your marketing goals, Effortless Outdoor Media has the experience and knowledge to help you get results.

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For the best billboard and outdoor advertisement prices, placement and service contact us now at – We will respond within 24 hours or less.