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Getting the Best Billboard at the Best Price

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When in the market for cheap billboards or at least a good deal on billboard advertising, it’s all about how you look at the cost. It’s not just about what the physical billboard costs to lease, but rather the level of service you get. Although there are specific factors that impact billboard price, what you can get in addition to the physical space your ad goes on can really be what makes a great deal.

Billboards at a great price all over the world

Factors impacting billboard cost

Overall, the cost of billboards depends on:

  • Format – do you want a print billboard to a spot on a digital one?
  • Circulation – how many people will potentially see your billboard?
  • Demographics – who lives in the area where your billboard is located?
  • Impressions – who will actually see your billboard?

These factors all combine to create an out-of-home advertising rating which helps measure your audience and impacts pricing. Cheap billboards, comparatively speaking, might not be in the busy urban location you need to reach your intended audience. However, you can still find a deal on a billboard in your ideal part of town if you know how to look.

Billboard in a desert

Take the stress out of billboard shopping

While it might seem reasonable to go straight to the owners of the billboards to find the best deal, it’s not. This process involves calling multiple vendors, doing all the research on billboard locations yourself, and potentially paying more than you could. Partnering with an outdoor advertising company takes the most tedious work off your plate. They’ll do the research, talk to vendors, and help you find the ideal billboard, in the best location, within your budget.

Save time

As stated above, partnering with an outdoor advertising company, like Effortless Outdoor Media, streamlines the process for finding the best billboard at the best price. Doing the legwork yourself means driving around to your desired areas, after researching what those areas are, and looking for open billboards. Once you find one, you have to write down what company’s name in on the structure. After you make your list of vendors, you have to call each one and get pricing information while confirming billboard availability.

You don’t have to do any of that when working with Effortless Outdoor Media. They maintain general information on billboard availability and area demographics. After getting a better idea of the goals of your outdoor advertising strategy, they can recommend locations to you that align with your audience and your budget.

The best billboards, the best locations at the best price

Save money

With multiple decades in the industry, Effortless Outdoor Media has built up an extensive client list. This means they have done repeat business with most of Atlanta’s billboard vendors. Working at such a high volume leads to discounted rates, which they pass back along to you. You won’t get bulk rates searching for billboards on your own. You also won’t have the established relationships Effortless Outdoor Media has to connect with billboard vendors if you fly solo. Effortless Outdoor Media has done all the work for you, establishing a rapport in the field, and is ready to pass along the benefits to you.

Get added value

An additional bonus, that adds value to your experience working with a company like Effortless Outdoor Media, stems from their willingness to share best practices. Not just in billboard selection, but in how to design that billboard as well. Rather than add in the cost of using an outside design agency to help you craft your billboard ad, let Effortless Outdoor Media help guide you with their knowledge of what really works. These might be elements you haven’t really thought of such as image choice, word count, logo inclusion, and an appropriate call to action. With limited space on a billboard, each choice you make is vital toward grabbing the attention of your audience and holding it long enough for them to consume your message, even as they’re zooming by in their cars.

Attention getting billboards at a great value

Cheap billboards are about more than money

Finding the right billboard is only a fraction of the whole out-of-home advertising experience. While you could search yourself, you can get so much more for your time and money by partnering with a company like Effortless Outdoor Media. Not only will they bring your best billboard options to you, but they can offer competitive pricing and help you design an ad that will resonate in this medium. Their overall package adds so much value to your experience in outdoor advertising.

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For the best billboard and outdoor advertisement prices, placement and service contact us now at – We will respond within 24 hours or less.