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What is outdoor media?

A wide variety of very popular billboard advertisements

As companies shift to digital strategies that put social media and pop-up ads front and center. You may worry that print, of any kind, is a dying breed.

Outdoor media, however, seems able to debunk this sentiment year after year. According to the Out of Home Advertising Association of America,

“Out of home (OOH) advertising revenue rose 4.5 percent in 2018 compared to the previous year, accounting for $8 billion…OOH experienced increases in all four primary formats – billboards, street furniture, transit, and place-based – with the digital platforms of each OOH format representing 29 percent of total 2018 revenue.”

Even though it’s printed advertising, outdoor media is still going strong, making it a popular option for businesses.

But what exactly is outdoor media? It typically consists of any advertising seen outside of the home, and is primarily grouped into a few specific categories. Billboards, posters and transit to name a few. Here’s a breakdown of your options when thinking about including outdoor media in your advertising plan.


Perhaps the most prominent piece of outdoor media, billboards, can help you make a big statement simply based on their size. Lining major highways and busy urban streets, billboards are a great way to get a succinct message about your brand out to a large audience. Billboards can serve many purposes for businesses wishing to become more visible within the community. Whether you have products or services that an entire city can take advantage of:

Atlanta Billboard Media Company

Or you’re trying to direct incoming traffic to your brick and mortar store:

Resurgens Braves Billboard Geogia

Billboards can help increase awareness of your business and bring in additional revenue. They’re also ideal for targeting a large number of consumers within your demographic. You have the ability to select a specific area of town to advertise. You can target a particular neighborhood where your ideal demographic tends to live. Some choose a section of the highway where there’s a high volume of traffic on average.


While they function like billboards, going up in much the same locations, posters are smaller ad pieces that allow you to focus on a local audience. Ads that go up on the sides of buildings in a downtown area are often posters, not billboards. Their standard, smaller size allows you to mass print if you’re interested in hitting multiple locations with the same ad to enhance brand awareness. Posters are often seen by both pedestrians and drivers due to their location in urban centers of a town.

Digital outdoor advertising

Perfect for a campaign that needs to continually change, digital billboards allow you to modify your ad in real-time, whenever it’s necessary. This flexibility can give you the option for an outdoor advertising campaign that counts down the days until a major event. It can switch between multiple promotions during a store-wide sale so you can target different segments of your audience from a single location. Positioned the same as billboards, you still get a big ad, in a busy area, that can be seen by a high volume of people. Now you just get the added bonus of flashing one message in the morning and one in the evening if you’re so inclined.

Transit Posters and Billboards at a train station

Public transit stations

A major part of outdoor advertising is what people see when engaged with public transportation. They may not even notice they’re reading ads as they walk through a subway station on the way to their train, but they’re everywhere. Bus stations also provide ample ad space. Even airports count as hubs for outdoor media. Posters in these locations have the unique placement of not only catching people’s eyes when they walk by, but also by providing reading material while they stand and wait.

Bus and Transit Advertising Atlanta

Public transit vehicles

Placing your ad on a bus, train or even taxi adds another layer to what transit advertising can do for you. Advertising in the station gets commuters and even tourists as they move through. Wrapping a bus or train gives them another point of contact as they board. Putting a poster or small banner ad inside the vehicle is yet another visual connection to your brand. The consistency with which you can advertise to an individual using transit advertising can help imprint your company on their brain. This can in turn increases the likelihood they’ll engage with your business.

Busses, subway trains and taxis also have an added element of exposure. On the street, the ads placed on the outsides of these vehicles are visible to more than just the people riding along. Pedestrians walking by see the ads on vehicles stopped at intersections. People riding in cars see the ads as they drive pass or get stopped alongside at a light. Advertising on the outside of a transit vehicle can take your ad through an entire city more than once per day if the route is just right.

Seeing is believing with outdoor media

The key takeaway to using outdoor media in your marketing campaign is visibility. Each type of outdoor advertising — billboards, posters and transit system ads — all give your brand a stronger presence in a specific area of town. It can connect you to the local community, engage tourists or appeal to commuters with a long ride to and from work.

The possibilities are endless. That’s why it’s essential to craft a plan that aligns specifically to your marketing goals. Working with an outdoor advertising agency can help narrow down your options. In outdoor media to only the best picks for a high ROI. Effortless Outdoor Media understands that outdoor advertising is an individualized thing for each business. We take the time to understand your brand and your goals. We work alongside you to secure the right types of outdoor media in the best locations for your business. 

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For the best billboard and outdoor advertisement prices, placement and service contact us now at – We will respond within 24 hours or less.