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Five local advertising techniques that work

A wide variety of very popular billboard advertisements

Looking around Atlanta for the best options to promote your business should include a peek into out-of-home (OOH) advertising. Local advertising is a vast and growing market. Going beyond local radio spots, TV commercials, or online pop-ups, OOH advertising provides you with a variety of choices that can guarantee a sizable reach and oftentimes a positive return on your investment. More than just billboards, although that’s an important component, OOH advertising has opportunity throughout Atlanta, from the busiest highways to downtown MARTA stations. Here are some of your best bets when considering outdoor advertising as part of your overall marketing strategy.

Local advertising - Traditional Billboard Marketing Atlanta

Traditional billboards for local advertising

With availability just about anywhere in Atlanta, from downtown to busy suburbs, near sporting venues, and along heavily-travelled highways, billboards are an excellent way to get exposure for your business where you are most likely to find your ideal audience. With information from the department of transportation and local demographic data, you can really glean the necessary knowledge to carefully target your audience with local advertising. Knowing where the most traffic is around Atlanta and who is driving those cars can generate the perfect captive audience to pass by your billboard. Unable to switch off or change the channel when your billboard comes into view, like people can with radio or TV, this form of OOH advertising allows you to make a big statement (literally) exactly where it’s going to do the best for your business.

local Digital Billboards in Atlanta GA

Digital billboards for local advertising 

With all the same perks as traditional billboards, digital options give you something a little extra — the ability to edit in real-time. Traditional billboards present a static ad that will definitely impact business, but if you’re marketing strategy calls for a campaign that evolves as it goes on, utilizing a digital billboard gives you the ability to keep your ad in the same spot and easily change it. Counting down to an event or offering a special promotion that changes throughout a single day can both easily be implemented on a digital billboard to ensure your reach is significant. Digital Billboards offer a fast and easy solution for local advertising. 

Bus and Transit local Advertising Atlanta

Busses, trains and taxis for local advertising

The double benefit to advertising on or in busses, trains, and taxis is the ability for impressions from two different audiences. Those using the public transportation or taxi will see your ad as they get in their preferred mode of transportation. This is your captive audience, usually bored enough while riding to take in the advertising on the windows, walls, or even a screen. The second audience segment are those people who will pass by the bus, train, or taxi in their own vehicle, glancing at the ads wrapped around the outside or mounted on top. The duality of your audience can help increase reach, especially when you target routes within the area of town your demographic inhabits. The other bonus to this type of OOH local advertising is the variety. Size, location, and shape all vary based on what kind of ad you’d like to have, including:

  • Full exterior wrap – cover a whole bus, train car, or taxi with your ad.
  • Exterior ad – these are available on windows, magnetically affixed to doors or car roofs, or as larger panels alongside a bus or train.
  • Interior print ad – usually up high, near the ceiling on buses and trains, where your eyes can wander without staring at other people.
  • Interior digital ad – on the screens which are now in most taxis.

metro transportation local Advertising Atlanta

Transit station local advertising

Allowing you to hit an audience that goes beyond a single route, placing ads within bus or train stations can give your company exposure within an entire area. Especially if it’s a heavy commuter part of town, this strategy enables you to target everyone who passes through the station and waits for their bus or train to come. Enhancing your reach and helping cement your brand into the brains of the regular commuters, local advertising in transit stations gives you the option for guaranteed, repeat impressions since many commuters take the same route every day often spending lots of time standing around waiting for their ride, glancing around at the ads to keep themselves occupied.

mall poster local advertising OOH

Poster local advertising

Able to really be anywhere, posters can be part of a transit campaign, featured on their own mini billboard, or even a freestanding piece in and around a city like Atlanta. With a variety of options for shape, size, and design, this OOH advertising choice gives you the greatest amount of flexibility in what it looks like and what it costs. This enables you to tailor your outdoor local advertising strategy specifically to your marketing goals without the limitations of location and design.


Poster local Advertising Atlanta

Knowing which type of OOH local advertising is right for you

With all of these beneficial options for using outdoor local advertising to improve reach for your company, it may be difficult to select the right one. Partnering with an expert in outdoor advertising such as Effortless Outdoor Media can save you the time and energy of figuring things out on your own. By getting to know your business, and fully understanding your marketing goals, the knowledgeable staff at EOM can help guide you in the right direction to get the best rate of return in cost and impressions for your OOH advertising campaign.

For the best billboard and outdoor advertisement prices, placement and service contact us now at  – We will respond within 24 hours or less.





For the best billboard and outdoor advertisement prices, placement and service contact us now at – We will respond within 24 hours or less.