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What Makes Outdoor Advertising Effective?

For literal decades, people have flocked to promoting their brand with outdoor ads. Wherever you go, even in the most desolate areas, there’s likely a billboard present. But why is this the case? Effortless Outdoor Media has put together some impressive facts to show what makes outdoor advertising effective.

First, let’s look at consumer habits. Well over half the population spends their time outside of their home. From work related obligations, to errands, to leisure activity, there’s always a reason to be outside. There’s never been a more natural pool of advertising opportunities than this!

What do the OOH statistics say?

So what do else the numbers say about OOH efforts? It’s actually great news for advertisers. The vast majority of consumers are proven to make most of their purchasing choices while in the car. Again, this is a great trend to take advantage of when promoting your product.

But perhaps the greatest attribute that makes outdoor advertising effective is its recall. Almost every person who sees a billboard will remember long after seeing it. That’s not an exaggeration either. Only 3% of the population is reported to forget the ads they see on a daily basis.

Partnering with EOM

That’s it for today’s list of reasons for choosing outdoor media. Be sure to check out our extensive blog catalog for more in depth information about this format. Regardless of how the world changes, it remains one of the most effective and organic applications on the market.

Do you have a billboard design in mind for your next ad? Let Effortless Outdoor Media bring your vision to life in the most effective way possible. And the best part is that getting started is easy! Carve out your budget, put your idea on paper, and contact us to handle the rest.

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