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How External Ads Provide Value

“Do billboards really work?” This seems like a forgone conclusion. But, the power of outdoor advertising can often be taken for granted. Many are so used to seeing billboards, that advertisers may think they’ve lost the value they once held. This couldn’t be further from the reality of external ads.

From bus ads alone, you can expect to “reach 92% of the population every week.” That’s almost everyone local to that area! Can you think of another advertising outlet with that high of reach? Regardless of you business, it’s a safe assumption that everyone could benefit from that kind of exposure.

Comparing Outdoor Ads To Other Formats

Of course, just because someone sees your ad doesn’t mean they’re a guaranteed conversion. But, let’s look at the numbers. Almost 30% of consumers report visiting a website after seeing it on a billboard. Those are some pretty impressive figures, and could mean huge profits for your company.

It’s not only the reach of external ads that stand out. The price discrepancy between it and its counterparts is staggering. Take television, for example. You can expect to spend about “80% less” than you would for a comparable TV spot.

Why Choose Effortless Outdoor Media?

There’s even been spikes in brand’s mobile interactions following a successful external ad campaign. Statistics have shown that “OOH Ads are capable of driving a 38% increase in mobile engagements.” Across all other platforms, external ads show great promise for enhancing outreach and sales.

Are you ready to plan your next outdoor advertisement? Look no frutehr than Effortless Outdoor Media. We have a proven track record of quality design, as well as prime ad placement. Have more questions? Schedule a consultation with us via our contact page to learn more. We look forward to hearing from you!

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