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Billboard Don'ts: What You Can't Say

Billboard Don’ts | Billboards are an amazing avenue for those looking to advertise their brands to the general public.

When created well, they allow you to completely maximize your brand’s awareness. But there are certain limitations to bear in mind when taking this approach. Failing to observe them could result in some major consequences.

Below, we detail some features to stay away from when designing your board.

This will keep you in the clear, and prevent any unforeseen misgivings that could stunt your progress. After reviewing what we’ve gathered here, you can find a ton of other helpful information littered across our site.

Avoid Bad Language & Explicit Material

Though it may go without saying, you’ll want to avoid any language of a frank or explicit nature.

Consider that when you choose to erect a billboard, it’s a guarantee that audiences of all ages will view it. A great workaround is finding a clever way to say the same thing without the expletive, or in a way that is unassuming.

In addition to the language, you’ll need to have the same scrutiny when it comes to your imagery. Again, even if you aren’t marketing to children, they will see it. Images depicting nudity are a big no no, as well as anything visualizing less than appropriate imagery.

Working With Effortless Outdoor Media

It’s important to note that billboards are not an effort to limit free speech. In fact, the advertising powers that be work to preserve the integrity of a billboard creator’s freedom of expression. But, with this leeway comes an unspoken trust that advertisers will observe boundaries of audience base this large.

Need help avoiding these billboard don’ts for your brand? You’ve come to the right place! Head on over to our contact page to schedule a consultation today.

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