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Edible Ads? A New Take On Outdoor Media

A wide variety of very popular billboard advertisements

The pressure for all brands is on when it comes to getting their likeness in front of more and more people. Things like demographic targeting, social media efforts, and more are all great means of advertising. That said, a great outdoor ad can bring in conversions like no other. Have you ever seen “edible ads” before?

This is our name for ads that appeal to our sense of taste and smell. If you recall, one of our previous blogs discussed how a steakhouse made a billboard that literally smells like pepper steak.

One Big Chocolate Bar

Let’s take a look at this one very creative ad from the minds over at Cadbury Chocolates. They were able to make a life-sized chocolate bar that was then erected on a board. The bar is super realistic, including the actual groves common in chocolate candies.

It’s also made to appear as if someone has already begun enjoying it, with a huge bite taken out of the top. This is a great example of how a visual like that can immediately make a chocolate lover crave a bar. It’s a great, innovative approach that surely led to more chocolate sales on a given day.

Effortless Outdoor Media

Do you have a brand that offers fine dining or gourmet treats? Use ideas like edible ads to inform how you’ll approach your next ad. You never know, it may be the reason your product goes viral! If anything, this at least ups your chances of standing out among the several eateries looking to make a splash.

Whatever your brand is, luckily you don’t have to go into advertising it alone. Effortless Outdoor Media will help you from ideation to execution. Schedule a consultation with one of our team members today to learn more! We’ll get your ads to where they need to be.




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