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Top Most Iconic Bilboards In Pop Culture

Billboards have long been a staple in advertising here in the states.

There’s likely few people that can even remember a time when they weren’t as prevalent as they have been in recent history. Today, Effortless Outdoor Media will be taking a look at some of the most iconic billboards to be erected!

Eat More Chicken: Chick Fil-a Stands Out

You’ve most likely seen the attention grabbing billboards that Chick Fil-A has put up. It’s hard to miss it! They often incorporate actual cow models in their signs. These are known as 3D billboards; where a brand uses a 3-dimensional prop in addition to their ad copy.

This is unique, in that it’s a great opportunity to capture your audience’s eye. We’re so used to seeing billboards with 2D copy, that the unusual structure can’t help but capture your gaze. Make sure you keep your eyes on the road too!

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The Biggest Billboard In The World Is In Saudi Arabia

For this next selection, we’re taking a trip across the way to Saudi Arabia. As soon as you touch down at the King Khaled International Airport, you’ll likely come across the world’s current largest billboard. Not to mention, it’s also the second biggest billboard in world history!

Its development took over an entire calendar year to bring to completion. Talk about hard work! Packed with ads from a myriad of different high end brands, it’s also clear that this one of the most expensive billboards known to man!

A Trip To The Circus

This next selection takes us all the way across the pond to the UK. Known as Piccadilly Circus, you’d be mistaken if you were expecting exotic animals and acrobats. The area has a long history steeped in culture, dating back over 100 years. Like the previous entry, several major brands also advertise across its boards.

Here’s a fun trivia question: What is the proper term for a billboard in the UK? Look it up, you may be surprised! Also, look up some more interesting facts while you’re at it!

The Sunset Strip

Though it may not hold the title of biggest, the billboards on The Sunset Strip in Vegas are still among the most noteworthy! As its name implies, it holds the distinction of having an entire street dedicated to its signs. The selections range from 2D, to 3D, and digital style billboards.

Waterfalls In Texas?

Next on our list of iconic billboards is the Dallas Waterfall Billboard. The structure’s actual board has a replica waterfall constructed in between ads for their respective advertisers. This is also one of the most creative entries on our list, as it offers it’s own unique take on incorporating various styles within one area.

Ready to erect your own epic billboard?

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