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Switches Up Their Usual Billboard Design

McDonalds is perhaps the most recognizable brand in the world.

It’s reach extends across the globe, with menu items varying based on the cultural significance of the area. To sustain these efforts, McDonalds pours tons into their marketing. From catchy jingles, to endorsement deals with mega stars, they spare no expense making sure they’re on our minds.

This same exact can be said for their billboard marketing strategy. Each board remains on brand for the most part. But there is one example in history where they commissioned DDB Warsaw to design a new board for them. And it was so different from their usual branding, that it’s still mentioned as standout among the greatest boards in history.

The ChalkBoard Menu

Instead of the up to date, digital stylings of the modern board, instead, DDB gave the messaging an outdated look. They mimicked a chalkboard, giving the illusion that it was written in chalk. Pairing this outdated mode with the recognizability of the brand as huge as McDonalds proved to be a game changer.

The design was very simple, too. The golden arches, quick pricing info, and a huge, trademark Big Mac illustrated square in the middle. This really goes to show that there’s no cap you can put on a  creative ideation. Almost nothing is off table, it’s all about how you leverage the creativity. And, of course, having the right support system around to ensure your success. That’s where Effortless Outdoor Media comes in.

Working With Effortless

Effortless Outdoor Media truly earns its name. We make this process as simple, and with as few pain points as possible. Ready to get your next project started? Reach out to us today! We’ll get your idea in the queue, and get you on the road to your next billboard.

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