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Classic Adult Swim Billboards

At Effortless Outdoor Media, we love shining a light on some of the more intriguing billboards to have been erected in the past 30 years.

Today’s subject, however, most certainly needs no introduction. Adult Swim is notorious for their very “out there” advertising efforts; let’s take a look at some of their strangest efforts!

First, a disclaimer. Always keep in mind that you’ll want your advertising to match your branding. While some of the more creative and eclectic fare may be tempting to exploit, first ensure that it fits your brand’s narrative. Going too far outside the box may harm you more than it helps.

“Thanks For 8 Years”

Upon reaching it’s 8 year anniversary in broadcasting, Adult Swim took a very comedic, meta-aware approach for this effort. Brief, white text in a modest font, dropped into a sea of black matte was all they needed to drive the point home. Check it out here!

Happy Holidays From Adult Swim

One thing Adult Swim doesn’t skimp on is the oddities. They’re known for incorporating these peculiar ads to promote even more left of center content. But, given the company’s consistent success, it seems to work well! For fans of the brand, these ads are the perfect extension of its strange, but highly entertaining nature.

Here, an otherwise normal looking couple are depicted with distorted facial features that may be a bit jarring to some. This acts as an effective attention grabber, and likely stokes the curiosity of most who cross paths with it.


Effortless Outdoor Media

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