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The World's First Billboard

Outdoor Advertising has a deep history, steeped in various cultures, geographies, and more.

It’s proven itself as a viable business opportunity, with individual companies raking in billions in revenue (even in a pandemic). Would you believe us if we told you such efforts have been in practice for almost 200 years? This brings us to the first billboard ever made!

Interestingly enough, the world’s first recorded billboard was fashioned in the same country that cleared the most in revenue in 2020. It debuted at a notable event in a Parisian city in the late 1800s, and was quick to catch on.

Opening The Door To Success

The first iteration of this newfound design included over 20 sheets. It was so popular, it would feature in other events, garnering even more attention along the way. People took note of this newfound means of advertising, and proceeded to incorporate it into their brand’s approach.

It wouldn’t be long before the format spread all over, leading to its ultra success of today. Countries all over the globe have adopted the format, which gave each an opportunity to show their creativity. There have been some historical ads over the years that still stick out in people’s minds to date.

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