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How Creative Billboards Put You Ahead Of The Game

So you’re ready to purchase a billboard to promote your brand?

Well you’ve come to the right place! Effortless Outdoor Media is happy to help you secure premium outdoor advertising. But are creative billboards worth their sometimes pricey rates? That’s also a good question.

The truth is, there’s a lot of value in a simplistic ad. The easier it is for your message to translate, the better. But also, that doesn’t mean you can’t go the extra mile with its actual design. Check out a few examples of some standout ads that rocked the industry upon release.

Classic Standout Billboards

We love reviewing creative billboards, both old and new. One company, titled Formula Toothcare, came up with an amazing billboard that breaks the fourth wall, literally! It depicts a man biting from the bottom of the billboard, while also giving the illusion that he’s pulling the vinyl with his teeth. The message? Keep your teeth strong!

Not only is the copy brilliant and simple, the actual design is also the kind of complex that garners admiration from viewers. We encourage you to look the ad up to see its glory for yourself. It’s called “Bite”, and was designed by Ogilvy & Mather Jakarta for the dental-positive brand.

Working With Effortless Outdoor Media

With the world going back to more outdoor activity, it’s good to take advantage of the number of eyes ripe for experiencing advertising. A good billboard can take your brand’s sales to a whole new level in a matter of months, weeks, or also even days.

While we can’t guarantee those figures, we can guarantee you quality ads in valuable locations, also at a cost-effective rate. Reach out to Effortless Outdoor Media today to get a read on your next billboard ad. We’ll get you the resources and set up you need to optimize your campaign’s success!

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