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The Crying Billboard More Creative Ads

Billboards will continue to serve as the premiere form of outdoor advertising for most, if not all brands.

That said, there are more billboards in commission now than there have ever been. What can you do to stand out among the crowd? Today, we’ll examine how The Crying Billboard managed to do just that! More on that in the section below.

Let your billboard ad be an expression of your brand’s utmost aspirations. Your work deserves the type of visibility that brings in revenue. Here’s some inspiration before going into commissioning your next billboard advertisement.

Tears Turned Profit

This bring us to the ad in question. The Calgary International Film Festival gained quite a bit of notoriety for their outdoor ad strategy with the crying billboard. It features an animated gentleman in the cinema, his eyes filled with tears as he watches some unseen film.

The kicker was, they actually had a means of pumping water out of where his tear ducts were painted. This gave the impression that the design was actually crying. It was a remarkable feat, and is still regarded as a major moment in billboard advertising. It was created by designer WAX.

EOM For Your Next Billboard

Do you have an idea for your next video? Outdoor Advertising is likely a feasible route for you! There are tons of possibilities that are only limited by your own imagination. And with a friend like Effortless Outdoor Media, you don’t even have to put your thoughts to paper.

Head over to our contact page, and schedule a consultation with us today! We’ll hear your vision out, and give the best possible scenario for realizing your board. Our network and resource center is well equipped to support the initiative. Reach out to us to learn more!

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