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Billboards By Country
Who's the most successful?


Billboards are a symbol of status.

Having one almost immediately let’s observers know that you’re serious about your brand awareness.

This is one of few globally accepted formats that allow you the opportunity of a mass amount of eyeball attention at once. This brings us to today’s questions: which country is the most successful here? Read on for a deep dive into billboards by country.

Number one on our list requires a trip across the pond to the Western European country of France. They are the categorical winners when it comes to success in the billboard advertising industry.

French Billboards

So how did we come to generate this distinction for France? As the old adage goes, “numbers don’t lie.” France’s largest outdoor media conglomerate managed to clear over two and a half billion dollars in 2020. And that’s just the clearance from one of its agencies.

This is an impressive feat on its own, but to accomplish this during a once in a lifetime event like the pandemic is worthy of tremendous regard. This proves that even in times where digital and social media are touted as king, you still can’t go wrong with a well designed and placed billboard.

Effortless Outdoor Media

Ready to get a jump start on your next outdoor advertising initiative? The good news is, you don’t have to be in France to benefit from its thriving business model. The board you want is one phone call and/or consultation away.

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