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Interesting Billboards From Around The World

Billboards are already a pretty interesting construction, to say the least! Some much goes into creating them, and they’re one of the best ways to get your brand seen by a mass amount of people at once. 

Here are some of the most standout, interesting billboards we’ve come across.

Scratch And Sniff Billboards?!

Okay, maybe not the scratch part. But yes there is actually a billboard that experimented with appealing to its audience’s senses. This is one of the most ingenious uses of a billboard to date! It goes to show that your only limits are your imagination and creativity! Famed food distributor Bloom erected a billboard in North Carolina that not only advertised steak dinners, it actually smelled like a steak!

Imagine driving along the highway and catch a whiff of what you think is some fresh, already made steak, only to find it’s only an ad! Even if you don’t like steak, you have to admit it’s pretty brilliant, outside of the box thinking. Speaking for us, after a few, brief moments of frustration, we’d be ready to go find the place just for those steaks! That’s the true power of good, creative advertising!

Using The Power Of Sound To Sell Your Ad

We’ve covered appealing to the nose, now let’s talk about the ears! Have you ever heard of a billboard that could emit sound?! That’s exactly what a notable beer brand did with a board almost a decade ago. Though it’s not the first time that music was added to grand scale ads, this was the first to exclusively do it through the billboard format. 

Using More Than One Format In Your Billboard

There are 2D billboards, 3D billboards, digital billboards, sound-based billboards, and more options. But who said you have to choose? Sure it may be more costly, but the prospect of having more than one style tell a brand’s mission and story is an option worth entertaining.

Billboard Ads With Effortless Outdoor Media

These are only a start to the possibilities when it comes to interesting billboards. There’s billboards in motion, as well boards specific to a category or brand style. In truth, potential combinations are head spinning!

Need help setting up your next billboard ad. Regardless of its attributes (maybe not the aromatherapy), we can help! Head on over to our contact page to set up a consultation. We’ll hear you out and get you on track to raising your next ad!

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