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More Fun Facts About Billboards

The billboard industry is a hot bed for never-ending, interesting facts. 

Today, we have yet another list to keep you informed on the Billboard Industry and it’s many exploits over the years. Today, we’re back with more facts about billboards that we haven’t already covered here!

The Total Number Of Boards In America

As of last year, there were almost a half a million billboard’s identified, an almost 100,000 increase from 2020. Interestingly enough, a solid number of the boards were erected and/or altered without securing the proper permits. 

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Improper/Unauthorized Billboard Edits

Speaking of illegal boards, let's talk about when billboards get tagged. You've likely seen some of your favorite billboards defaced, or somehow otherwise changes from their original, intended state. Beyond being a sign of disrespect to the board owner, this is an actual crime, and could result in jail time, though it would require catching them in the act. It's hard to believe someone would be that committed to altering a billboard that they'll risk their lives to change them. Regardless, these alterations are usually quick and easy fixes, and won't interfere with your efforts.

Prohibition Of Billboards 

While on the subject of lawful treatment of billboards, did you know that not every state permits them? Currently, only four states in the US don’t look fondly on them (Alaska, Maine, Vermont, & Hawaii). Failure to comply here can result in legal action, so beware!

This doesn’t include states that allow boards with restrictions. Several states have limitations imposed on the amount of, and specific location that a board can be placed within their cities’ limits. Some areas even have a moratorium on boards indefinitely. They can only work with the stations that have already been erected.  

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