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More Fun Facts About Billboards

There’s never shortage of information when it comes to fun facts about billboards.

Today, we’re looking at even more fun facts about billboard ads, and how they’ve come to be such a solid option for advertising. Read on to hear some things you likely didn’t know!

How Billboards Came To Be

Let’s take things back to the start. Did you know that there is an entirely different industry responsible for the rise of billboards ads? While the ad business is the heart of the idea, it was the automobile industry that ushered it onto the main stage.

Once more people started buying cars, advertisers realized that part of their customer base was spending an exorbitant amount of time on the road. They realized the opportunity to grab attention here, and wasted no time getting things on track. Before you knew it, drivers had billboard ads as far as the eyes could see!

The Evolution of Billboards

Prior to the last decade of last century (the 90s), no billboards were made the same way that they are made today. The boards were made of strong plywood, and the copy was painted manually by the ad creators. This effort and commitment to getting a message out on the forum is commendable. But, because of its rudimentary build, any risks a board faces today were even bigger risks then. A spot of bad weather, and your copy, as well as the whole board, could be torn to shreds and rendered unusable. Now, there are different materials used that can survive in some of the harshest conditions!

The History Of Billboards

To those outside of the industry, it’s likely lost knowledge just how long this format has been in use. Billboards have been in use for over 5,000 years! It even predates most current forms of advertising by a mile!

Though its uses may have changed through the years, that’s still quite a lot of history and culture to have lived through. This is a testament to how strong of an option it is for those looking to spread a real message for real results. And these are only the start of the forum’s history.


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