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Counting The Most Billboards By State

Billboards can be found all over the world.

From the smallest cities, to the largest commercial towns, they are an effective means of making a brand’s vision clear and present. Which states have the most billboard per capita? Read on for a closer look at billboards by state!

The Sunshine State

That’s right! Good old Florida ranks at the top of the list when it comes to billboards by state. With well over 10,000 boards erected, it’s clear to see the state has a great appreciation for this medium. It makes sense too! It’s a great way to build visibility for a brand!

The Peach State

Clocking in at number two is the hometown of globally recognizable figures; from Chris “Ludacris” Bridges, to President Jimmy Carter, there’s people of note from all areas of life. And you’ve likely seen one of these high profile names and brands advertised throughout the state, as it’s ranked for having just about 10,000 boards, right under Florida.

Home To The City Of Angels

California comes right behind GA, hitting a tally of just under 9,000 billboards erected. This has less to do with the demand for ads, and more with the awkward amount of space between the state’s borders.

New Jersey

Though Jersey pales in comparison to the size of California, you may be surprised to know that they’re only behind by about 200 billboards. That means at almost every turn, there’s another board to be seen. Crazy, right!

Billboards Across the Midwest

Missouri is the next biggest billboard supporter, though the amount  drops off considerably compared to the previous entries on this list. By how much you ask? A whopping 6000+! This is still a lot compared to other states, though the spike is likely due to the state seeing a lot of pass through traffic.

The Beehive State

Be honest, how many of you knew Utah was also known as The Beehive State? Likely about as many people who knew that the state only recently began allowing for billboards to go up. It didn’t take long at all for boards to begin sprouting up everywhere!

Effortless Outdoor Can Help, Regardless Of The State

Looking for a solid billboard location for your brand. We can help. Regardless of your target area, we know somewhere that’s favorable for you. As this list shows, we cant promise that each state will have the same opportunity. But if it’s there, we can connect you to it. Reach out to us today!