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Even More Billboard Disadvantages To Address

Effortless Outdoor Media is back with our blog series.

Today, we’ll be revisiting the subject of billboard disadvantages, and EOM plans to address and correct them. You can check out our last article on the subject, here. Feel free to browse the rest of our archives while you’re here as well!

Unfortunate Timing

One of the worst things is when someone is trying to make out what’s on a timed billboard, and they miss it. This is troubling for a few reasons. On the surface level, they missed the ad they were interested in seeing.

But even more upsetting, is that if they were to spend too much time trying to make the billboard out, it could lead to an auto accident. That’s why Effortless Outdoor Media implores its readers to please observe all rules of the road. We want you to see our advertisements, but we also want you to make it home safely!

Nailing Down A Demographic

The thing about the open road, it’s rarely restrictive on who’s traveling on it. It’s a shame there’s no one we can talk about dividing traffic up by advertising demographic. We joke of course! But it does point to an independent variable in this equation.

All hope isn’t lost, though! By putting considerable effort into studying the demographics of a particular area, you are able to refine your audience targeting efforts. This is more feasible for ads on surface streets, as opposed to the highway, but it’s still worth the investigation!

The Amount Of Important Data You Can Include On A Billboard

The other thing about billboard copy is that it has to be brief. It’s already far away from those passing by. You’ll want as few characters presented in as massive a size as possible to compensate for this.

This is where the adeptness of your ad copy comes into play. You’ll have to say your company’s mission in as few words as possible all while making them as compelling words as possible. If you’re not a seasoned advertiser, you may want to search for a professional’s help. We’d be happy to recommend one for you if you’d like! Simply reach out to us with an inquiry and we’ll start the conversation.


Curious to hear more about our services? Check out the rest of our site to get a full view of what we can do! We’ll help you avoid any billboard disadvantages. For further inquiries, contact us today!

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