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Disadvantages of Billboards: How To Navigate them.

While we’re known to sign our industry’s praises, that doesn’t mean we aren’t aware of potential limitations.

Like every industry, we have our needs for improvement. Rather than pretend they don’t exist, at Effortless Outdoor Media, we work overtime to navigate the disadvantages of billboards. We’ve found it to be quite worth it, especially when you know what you’re doing!

Billboard Costs

One of the main disadvantages of billboards is their price tag. We don’t blame you; for a complex billboard, rates can get steep pretty quickly. Though quality can be pricey, EOM works to offer you the best of our industry at rates that are conscious of your pockets.

Keep in mind though; it’s hard to ignore your brand when it’s set up high along a well thought out, sleek board. It may just be worth saving up to go all in on something bold and memorable.

Weather Damage

Unfortunately, some billboards don’t have the material necessary to withstand strong weather conditions. Heavy winds, lighting, excess moisture; all stand to have a negative impact on a board. It can go from minor damage, to all around destruction, and can even pose a risk to bystanders.

That’s why at Effortless Outdoor Media, we use only the best in quality when it comes to our materials. Also, should any weather damage befell your board, your ad campaign timeline will effectively pause. That means you’ll be credited back those days that it was down due to weather. EOM has your back!

Poor Location

Another disadvantage for billboards is a poor location. Some billboards have the great misfortune of being located in an area that doesn’t garner high visibility. This is counterintuitive to the goal of a billboard, and it’s imperative you know exactly where your ads will run so as to avoid this.

Effortless Outdoor Media has a workaround for this. We have a huge directory full of known, favorable locations to place your next board. You won’t have to worry about your hard work going unseen. We’ll ensure you get a setting to your liking that suits your ads needs!

An Ad They Can’t Take With Them

One of the main things billboard detractors will cite is the fact that potential customers can’t take the board with them. Meaning, they likely can’t stop to take a picture of one if they’re in the car. So the concern becomes whether or not they’re likely to remember the ad by the time they get home.

While we stand behind the strength of our ads, this also isn’t the past! Not only can you have a billboard, but you can also reinforce these efforts with pointed social media ads. Any lapse in recollection will be supplemented this way.

Effortless Outdoor Media

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