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Billboard Design: Part I

Home depot Billboard Atlanta Georgia

Billboard Design: Part I Having a successful billboard advertisement relies heavily on the design of the billboard itself. You want something that both catches your client’s attention while also getting your message across. While it seems like an easy enough concept, many businesses find themselves struggling with what exactly makes for a good billboard design. […]

Freedom of Speech: Billboard Brawl

Holiday Billboard Advertisement Atlanta GA

FREEDOM OF SPEECH: BILLBOARD BRAWL Freedom of Speech is defined in the dictionary as the right to express any opinions without censorship or restraint. However not everyone is willing to accept this highly valued and important constitutional amendment. Recently a controversy has sparked regarding the use of a billboard to speak out against the practice […]

Top 10 Reasons to Advertise Your Business

Poster Advertising Atlanta

TOP 10 REASONS TO ADVERTISE YOUR BUSINESS Advertising can be one of the most vital aspects of a business. It is the most direct and important connection to the consumer. When consumers feel personally connected to an advertisement they are more likely to frequent your business. Some businesses question whether or not investing in an […]