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Billboard Design: Part I

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Billboard Design: Part I

Having a successful billboard advertisement relies heavily on the design of the billboard itself. You want something that both catches your client’s attention while also getting your message across. While it seems like an easy enough concept, many businesses find themselves struggling with what exactly makes for a good billboard design. There are a few golden rules that businesses must follow in order to create that perfect billboard advertisement. First thing to remember is that you want your clients to recognize what your company is and what you offer. Simply put, this means that the information on your billboard needs to be readable. A font that is too small, even in an attempt to squeeze in as much as you can, will only result in your clients being unable to read it. Most companies live by the golden rule of billboard advertising- seven words or less! Even substituting shorter words can make a big difference. Most drivers are able to view your billboard for an average of seven seconds so you want your point to be made in that time. Similarly, fonts that are too crazy or detailed can be hard for people passing by to read. You want to make sure that they will have absolutely no problem getting your message.

Because drivers will be viewing your ad from a distance while moving very quickly it is important to focus on fonts that are somewhat uniform in style. Luckily there is an array of font types that will be recognizable for your clients while still making your billboard stand out amongst the others. Another extremely important billboard rule is not making your advertisement too cluttered. If you ad has your mascot, your slogan, pictures, directions, and detailed information, there is too much going on. It might seem helpful to give your clients extra info but this actually detracts from your billboard as a whole. Billboards that are too cluttered force the viewer to spend too much time trying to understand everything instead of the basics. The best billboard will be simple and direct giving your client just the right amount of information. These tips are just the beginning in making your billboard the best it can be. Check back with us for part two of this article on using the best artwork for your billboard!




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