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How to Run an Outdoor Advertising Campaign

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Running an outdoor advertising campaign from start to finish can feel like a massive task. It’s really more like two tasks actually: you first need a marketing strategy that includes an actual campaign to run, and then you’ve got to figure out where your ads should go. There are so many decisions and pieces that go into a successful outdoor advertising campaign that it’s important to find qualified individuals, experienced in working with outdoor advertising media to partner with throughout the process.

Poster Advertising AtlantaBill Hobbs, owner of Effortless Outdoor Media wants to truly make your experience planning and Manding an outdoor advertising campaign “effortless.” Not only can he do this by serving as your broker for locating the ideal outdoor media for your campaign, but at Effortless Outdoor Media, they are also able to assist with the conceptualization of your marketing message and the design of your outdoor ad no matter if you’re working with billboards, posters, or any other type of outdoor media.

To get you started in your campaign process, Bill has shared his top tips on how to run an outdoor advertising campaign.

Visit potential billboards
When talking with billboard owners about specific pieces of outdoor media you’re looking to advertise on, you’ll receive a photo sheet which has a map of the billboard on it. However, this map won’t include anything that might be around the billboard, possibly blocking it from being seen from the road. It also won’t tell you how far off the road the billboard sits. Visiting billboard locations gives you the information you need to truly assess whether the billboard is desirable for your advertising. Not going to see the physical location means you run the risk of having a tree or some other foliage covering up a section of the billboard for the cars zooming by on the highway. You may also end up with an unobstructed billboard that’s simply too far away from the road for drivers and passengers to read clearly.

Billboards should be fully visible from the road and almost in the cars’ faces as they’re driving by in order to really make the location desirable.

2. Scale your logo and artwork
Readability of your ad is essential when conceptualizing your outdoor advertising campaign. The hardest thing to remember is that what you view, fully-designed on your computer screen is going to be blown up to billboard size before the ad is complete. Make sure that what you’re seeing on your tiny screen will look good, and be easy to read, when it’s huge.

Late Night Billboards AtlantaThis is especially important when it comes to your logo. Your logo should be the most prominent item on your billboard, so make sure it doesn’t get lost among other images or text when your ad becomes billboard size.

3. Message length is crucial
Too many words on a billboard can have multiple negative effects. If can clutter your billboard up, making it hard for your audience to grasp your message. It can overshadow a call-to-action or even your logo, making it difficult for people to associate your brand with the ad. Even though a billboard is huge, and it feels like there’s plenty of room, keep your message short and sweet. Averaging around seven words per billboard is a good message size to aim for, and while that may not seem like much, Effortless Outdoor Media can help you craft the perfect, short message for your brand to capture the attention of your audience and enable people to connect with your business.

4. Know which media piece you really need
There are so many options out there today when it comes to outdoor advertising media that it can be hard to select what’s really right for the goals of your advertising campaign. Flashy isn’t always better. Newer isn’t always the right fit. It’s important to remember that specific media types are the best deal and the best option for certain types of campaigns. For example, digital billboards are ideal for campaigns where copy changes on a regular basis, like if you’re promoting a limited-time deal or counting down to a specific event of holiday. States billboards are perfect for establishing your brand with a single, simple message that won’t have to change. Make sure you align your outdoor media choices with the type of campaign you’re looking to run.

With these tips in mind, realize that you’re not alone in this process. There with you every step of the way is Effortless Outdoor Media. From the very first call where we spend close to an hour getting to know you and assessing your needs to set campaign goals, to developing the graphics and artwork, to conducting market analysis to pinpoint the best location for your advertising, we strive to make your outdoor advertising experience successful and stress-free.

For the best billboard and outdoor advertisement prices, placement and service contact us now at – We will respond within 24 hours or less.

Examples of our clients’ success:
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Reliable Heating and Air has used blanket market coverage with billboard advertising for the last four years, quadrupling their business during their campaign. They are now the largest Trade HVAC dealer in the US.

Affiniti Golf Partners has utilized a variety of outdoor media such as billboards and posters over the last three years to help grow their business. They’ve gone from managing/owning 8 golf clubs up to 20 golf clubs throughout the Southeast.

Local to Sandy Springs, Foot Solutions sees new customers come in weekly as a result of the exposure the company gets with their outdoor advertising.




For the best billboard and outdoor advertisement prices, placement and service contact us now at – We will respond within 24 hours or less.