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Mobile Billboards

When you think of billboard advertising, you often think of a board with static placement.

This is not in reference to the style of the board, i.e., static or digital, but rather to its positioning. And you wouldn't be wrong for thinking this; the resounding majority of ads are usually relegated to one location. But as their name implies, this isn't the case for mobile billboards!

That’s right, there’s an opportunity to create billboards on platforms on pieces that remain in perpetual motion. It’s yet another creative take on an already uber creative endeavor. Read on to learn more! 

On The Go Advertising

There are a range of mobile based options for placing your board. The most typical are often on large vans or truck trailers. Whatever route this mode of transportation takes, your advertisement goes along with it! It’s outdoor advertising on wheels, which maximizes its reach to an almost endless number of possibilities.

But these aren’t the only opportunities to get your ads moving. We’ve seen people do this with bikes, and even livestock! There are even billboards that can be affixed to an actual person, in effect making them a “walking billboard”. With so many options, its clear to see why it’s such a sought after medium.

Billboard Impressions Atlanta

Working With EOM

Like any billboard placement, the value lies in its location. Even when it’s mobile, you want to make sure they are traveling where a lot of people will see. Part of the priority here should be working with an outdoor media company that has access to prime locales.

That’s where Effortless Outdoor Media comes into play. We can get your ads in the prime position for turning over customers. Schedule a consultation with us via our contact page today to learn more! We’ll clue into our foolproof model, giving you the ultimate value for your dollar.

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