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How Automobiles Expanded The Billboard Industry

Billboards and outdoor advertising have been around for ages.

As we’ve previously discussed, there were outdoor ads as early as the days where farming was the main source of industry in America. But the field (no pun intended) didn’t see a true expansion until the invention of automobiles.

It stands to reason of course. Once cars came around, traveling became more accessible. Before, it wasn’t likely that the average citizen would travel beyond the parameters of their hometown. If they were, they likely were intent on moving to a new place, and more often than not, weren’t planning on returning.


Ads On The Road

But now, with the access provided by these new vehicles, people could venture out for more than just a drastic, life altering circumstance. This not only made the world a little smaller for people, but also for advertisers!

The result was marketing that aimed to go beyond city limits. Brands could now include possible patrons from all over in their scope of reach. It proved to be a grand opportunity, and those first to explore the avenue saw what many brands would come to know as a viable business opportunity.

Fast forward 100 years, and there are billboards littered across the country! Even in the most desolate of places, with long stretches of interrupted roads, you can find some kind of outdoor ad. It’s actually the perfect marriage, as these areas have little else other than the open road for travelers to focus on.

Why You Need EOM

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