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How to purchase political billboards in Atlanta

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Billboards and advertising go hand-in-hand when the strategic goal is to reach a large number of people. While individuals can close a pop-up ad or change the channel on their television during commercials, a billboard can’t be so easily ignored. For this reason, they’re a great way to get a specific message out to an audience, particularly in the months leading up to an election.

Political Billboard near highway Georgia

Knowing how to purchase political billboards in large cities like Atlanta can provide you with the right opportunity to make an impact in your local community, helping persuade unsure voters and motivating more people to head to the polls.

Traditional billboards

Traditional billboards have been around a long time, and continue to prove themselves as an effective form of advertising. Whether a business, event or even political candidate running for office, this medium holds its own as part of an advertising strategy, even among the reaches of social media and the internet.

Candidtate Political Billboard 2012

As a static picture, traditional billboards give you the ability to place your message in a central spot for an extended period of time. This constant visibility helps increase awareness of the main points of your campaign. You pick the position that’s going to resonate the most, and blow it up big alongside a smiling picture to create awareness. Commuters & local residents then get exposure to your message each day as they pass the billboard, giving your candidacy maximum impact with the right audience.

Digital billboards

Positioned the same way as traditional billboards, the biggest difference when you go digital is the flexibility to change your message. It’s not one static ad that sits on the billboard, but rather something that can change on a dime, in real time. This billboard alternative lets you get all your central points across and is especially helpful if the campaign has a lot of polarizing issues in discussion. Digital billboards allow you to inform voters, in a specific area, where you stand on a series of issues. You also have the flexibility to regularly change messages and keep constituents updated on local events and appearances that will benefit your campaign.

Ensuring reach during your political campaign

Both traditional and digital billboards help combat one of the most challenging aspects of a political campaign, exposure. Speaking to your supporters is easy. They attend events, watch your commercials and make the effort to learn what you’re all about as a candidate. 

Controversial Billboard with political slant

It’s the people who aren’t sure who they want to vote for and those considering your opponent that are harder to get in front of during a campaign. While they can choose to not visit your website or switch off your television appearances, they can’t dodge a giant billboard looming over them as they sit in morning and afternoon commuter traffic on 75 each day. If your opponent has scheduled a lot of events in a specific area, you can use outdoor advertising to maintain your presence in the race as well. Make your billboard the first thing people will see as they leave a political rally or make sure most of them pass your billboard each day as they head to work.

The unique benefits to outdoor advertising help ensure your message has a broad reach during your political campaign.

Finding the right location at the right time

Once you establish what part of town is the best spot to focus your outdoor advertising campaign, the research can begin to find the perfect billboard. There is a method to the madness and an affordable billboard may be too good to be true. Pictures of billboard locations can mislead potential buyers. Manipulating the angle of the photo can hide a very real obstruction that can lead to most people missing your billboard as they pass it. A photographic trick of perspective can make a billboard look closer to the road than it actually is. It may be too far away to easily read when going at highway speeds. These little tricks are more common in the industry than you might think, which is why it’s always important to see a specific billboard location before signing a contract to use it. However, going to see each potential billboard is time-consuming and not something most political candidates, or their teams, are able to do. Luckily, Effortless Outdoor Media has already completed the vetting process for you.

Generic Political Billboard

By taking the time to visit prime billboard locations around Atlanta, they know which billboards have the best view and will produce the highest return. Relying on their expertise can save you the time and headache of trying to decipher the best billboard location on your own.

Effortless Outdoor Media also has enough experience working with political billboards to consult on the best time to get your billboard up. It might be earlier in your campaign that you would think. This can be based on factors like the number of people in the area who take advantage of early voting. If it’s a high enough percentage, you want to make sure your billboard goes up with enough time to reach these people as well as those who wait until election day.

Cutting edge political billboards

Making the right connection for the highest ROI

To ensure your outdoor advertising strategy for our political campaign produces results, it’s a smart choice to work with a business familiar with the entire process. With decades of experience working in outdoor advertising in the Atlanta area, Effortless Outdoor Media provides political campaigns with the customized attention necessary to locate the best billboard to meet campaign goals. You’ll get a prominent space in the right area for the right price with a clear view to your message as the high volume of cars (filled with voters) go by. Let us help you with your political billboards in preparation for the next election.

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For the best billboard and outdoor advertisement prices, placement and service contact us now at and we will respond within 24 hours or less. We are the best billboard company in Atlanta.




For the best billboard and outdoor advertisement prices, placement and service contact us now at – We will respond within 24 hours or less.