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Appealing To The Senses With Your Billboard

Billboards offer a unique opportunity to advertise your brand based on senses.

As the years have progressed, there's been so many intricate avenues to take your ad down.


Today, we'll be discussing the various creative ways you can appeal to your audience's senses with your ad.

The first of the senses we’ll review is sight. 

The better your ad your looks, the more likely it is to grab a potential customer’s attention. The key here is making something that’s aesthetically pleasing enough to capture and keep their attention. This boils down to competent graphic design that translates to a larger canvas.

Sound And Smell = Success

Then there’s your audience’s sense of sound. Imagine walking down a pathway and hearing a pleasant noise coming from an ad. It can be music, a person’s voice, or any other sound that’s pleasing to the ear. Well, now this can be accomplished using a musical billboard. Be careful, though. You’ll need to have the rights to whatever sound you use, or you’ll risk legal infraction from the actual owner. This may require licensing the sound from them, so be prepared for that!

Another great sense to appeal to is that of smell.
Our nostrils often lead us into the direction we feel compelled to travel. For example, if you’re traveling near a Chick-fil-a, that familiar scent of their delicious chicken may compel you to grab a number one off their menu. Likewise, if you own a food establishment, it’s a great idea to use that to your advantage by placing your board near where the pleasant aroma is emanating from. Exercise caution here, too, though. Placing your board near a landfill may lose attention as people will likely be less inclined to pay attention. They likely won’t be inclined to notice ads because they’ll be too busy trying to get away from the stench.

Need help getting your sense-appealing board up? Contact EOM today! We’ll get your board up in no time, leading to more success for your brand!

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