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Poster Advertising

Stand Out with Vibrant Poster Advertising Solutions

Make a lasting impression with poster advertising. Effortless Outdoor Media offers a variety of poster sizes and locations, including billboards and transit spaces, to effectively target your audience. Increase brand awareness and prompt immediate action. Contact us today for impactful poster ad campaigns.


From art from to advertising

First invented in 1798, lithography – the process of printing from a flat surface where the ink only sticks where it’s designated to in the design – made the printing of posters (of any kind) possible. However, it wasn’t until 1880 that the process was quick enough and affordable enough to be commonly used. Once the process was refined, posters immediately began being used in advertising. From promoting places like the Moulin Rouge to everyday products like coffee and biscuits to serving as propaganda pieces to entice young people to fight for their country – posters have taken their place as an important piece of advertising history.

Using posters today to promote your brand

Poster advertising today is still a popular choice for outdoor advertising, especially for small-to-medium-sized businesses looking to increase brand awareness. They serve as an effective tool in campaigns where an important message, like a product launch, needs to get out quickly to the right audience.
Not only are there poster billboards which are smaller than traditional billboards, typically appearing along primary and secondary high-capacity roads around the city, but available poster space is usually available in a variety of locations, even as a part of transit advertising. The multitude of sizes and shapes for poster advertising gives advertisers flexibility in their design and the potential for a high level of customization.

Targeting capabilities - the biggest benefit to posters

Posters provide a unique opportunity for companies who are striving to gain the attention of a localized, targeted audience. Impacting customers in the areas they frequent most, poster advertising is primarily viewed by area residents, regular commuters, and local pedestrians. This continuous exposure can help build customer familiarity with your brand. Coupled with an engaging design and easy call-to-action, your poster advertising can also entice immediate action by a potential customer to reach out to your company.
Outdoor Advertising Poster
Additionally, poster advertising is not only more cost-effective than local radio or television spots, it’s also designed for mass production. This enables you to flood the market in multiple locations with your advertising message and stand out in the viewer’s mind.

Getting it right with poster advertising

With so many potential benefits associated with poster advertising, it’s important to prioritize your design and marketing message to create the biggest impact. The first thing to do is partner with a company who can effectively assist with the entire process from locating the poster space to creating the poster itself. The extensive experience at Effortless Outdoor Media means they not only know the best locations for your market to advertise in the Atlanta area, but that they’re also well-versed in graphics and design. Let us take the stress out of your outdoor advertising strategy by putting our best practices to work for you.


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