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How to get a great deal on a billboard

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Getting a great deal on a billboard is a misleading statement. A “great deal,” in most cases means getting something for less money than you originally expected, but when it comes to outdoor advertising, the definition is a bit different.

Outdoor advertising is about how to find the right combination of billboards, posters, transit ads or other ad pieces found outside the home. The goal is to successfully connect with your audience. It’s also about finding the right location where your ads will not only be visible, but will hit the appropriate consumers. These factors are essential to getting a great return on your investment, or a great deal, then the overall price.

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Finding a great deal in outdoor advertising

Since it’s not only about the price, when you look for what constitutes a great deal in outdoor advertising it can be hard to figure out when exactly you’re getting the best deal. If money isn’t the defining factor, how can you be sure you’ll get the highest return for your outdoor advertising investment? The best way to figure this out is to work with an experienced outdoor advertising agency. Not only will they fully understand the landscape, but they’ll be able to tailor their recommendations to the goals of your campaign. They’ll have the knowledge to accurately suggest specific areas of town to target and which types of outdoor advertising to use. Not only that but they’ll already have experience working with billboard companies, which can translate into cost savings for you.

An outdoor advertising agency will know how to get you the most visibility and the highest traction for your ad whether you put up a single billboard or do a series of posters. A good agency will take the time to listen to your needs and get to know your business so they can provide you with educated options for your outdoor advertising campaign that will work.

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Getting the best location

Part of what an agency helps you establish is where to purchase your outdoor advertising space. While you may think that targeting busy city intersections through a series of posters will serve your marketing goals best, you may actually need to secure a few billboards along a specific stretch roadway. This may be because that specific location has more traffic. It might not be that apparent, but an outdoor advertising agency has statistical data to back up where the busiest spots are around town with the right people driving or walking past.

The best location also has the best visibility, and it typically costs more to get the clearest view. Often cheaper billboards have issues with how easily they’re seen from the roadway. Photos of billboard locations also aren’t completely honest all the time. They’ll include a picture of the billboard from its best angle, hiding the fact that from the roadway, there’s a huge tree in the way. For a clear understanding of how visible your billboard really is, you have to see it in reality. No pictures.

If you’re considering quite a few potential billboards, you may not have the time to visit them all, but your outdoor advertising agency can. In fact, there’s a good chance they’ve already been to the locations you’re considering, and can speak honestly about how ideal a specific locations actually is.

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Seeing the biggest returns

The success of a billboard is measured in the average number of passers-by that could potentially see your ad. This is known as the DEC or Daily Effective Circulation. It’s the key to whether or not you’re getting the best deal from your billboard selection. This number is based on the traffic that goes by a location within a 24-hour period, which means that the busier the location, the bigger potential for engagement with your ad. It’s a significant number when you consider that 80 percent of people who see a billboard look at the advertising message at least some of the time. This means the ROI isn’t about what you can save in purchasing a less expensive billboard, but the potential for new revenue to come in as a result of your ad being placed in the right spot.

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Developing the best strategy for outdoor advertising

How to get a great deal on a billboard is about so much more than price! The experienced team at Effortless Outdoor Media knows this. With multiple decades of experience in the Atlanta area, we understand what it means to really get the best deal on outdoor advertising. With careful attention to the details of your business needs, they help craft an advertising strategy that puts your ad in the best location with the highest potential to reach. Additionally, they guide you through the design process to ensure your ad fits the particular medium. From billboards to posters, they can help create a compelling billboard.

For the best billboard and outdoor advertisement prices, placement and service contact us now at and we will respond within 24 hours or less. We are the best billboard company in Atlanta.


For the best billboard and outdoor advertisement prices, placement and service contact us now at – We will respond within 24 hours or less.