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Broaden the reach of your political campaign with outdoor advertising

A wide variety of very popular billboard advertisements

Exposure for political candidates during an election year is crucial. Whether running in a small, district election or vying for a statewide seat, voters need to know who you are. Not only that, but they need to see your campaign message around town often enough that you stay fresh in their minds for election day. That’s where political campaign outdoor advertising like billboards and poster come into play.

Political Billboard Campaigns Georgia and Metro Atlanta

Advertising exposure that sticks

Persuading voters you’re the right candidate is the essence of a political campaign. The goal is to get elected, and you can’t do that without exposure. Advertising, debates, speeches, catchy tag lines in campaign videos, even a theme song all provide you with opportunities to make a lasting impression on voters. Advertising options are broad, especially with polarizing social media accounts and online videos. However, many advertising sources can quickly be discarded by voters. Mailers get tossed into the trash without being read. Commercials are clicked away from or fast forwarded through. Online ads are quickly closed. Your message goes out, but voters don’t stick around long enough to read or listen. Political campaign outdoor advertising is a great way to break through the clutter.

Providing potential supporters of your candidacy with advertising they can’t click away from is essential. Outdoor advertising helps create a prime environment to expose voters to you, and helps create a lasting impression of your campaign message. In fact, out-of-home advertising ranks second, just behind digital, as one of the fastest growing forms of advertising worldwide. Because the average person spends 18 hours each week on the road, billboards are some of the advertising they’re exposed to the most. Over half of commuters say they’re “highly engaged” by the billboard messages they see while on the road thus making political campaign outdoor advertising a popular choice among candidates.

Outdoor advertising makes an impact in political campaigns!

Political Billboards change the way people vote

Targeting the right constituency

Your own campaign research should pinpoint where your potential support is most concentrated. This could be people who have confirmed their support for your candidacy or those who are still on the fence. Either way, outdoor advertising can effectively target the specific audience segment you wish to reach. 

Not only can you continually remind supporters why they like you, but you can provide a highly-visible message for those undecided individuals in need of guidance. The repetitive nature of outdoor advertising allows you to present your campaign message on a daily basis as commuters drive by a billboard on their way to work or pass your poster as they pick up their bus each day. The consistent viewing of your campaign ad helps make it memorable, so proper placement, fueled by research, is essential.

Billboards play a big part in the rule of 7

Adhering to the rule of seven

A common advertising practice is to expose your audience to your ad seven times to maximize the potential of attracting them to your business. In this case, it would be attracting them to you as the candidate they’ll vote for on election day. If you think of a commuter, driving the same path to work each day, they’ll pass your billboard, if it’s in their path, five times in just one week. If you place a billboard on the other side of the road, they’ll see it again on the way home. That’s 10 times in a single week. Now put your billboard in a high traffic area where cars move slower during peak commuter times. Drivers are bored. They’re looking around for distractions to the start-and-stop traffic patterns so common here in Atlanta. They’re reading your billboard each time they go by. This all equates to a huge segment of the voting population, seeing your billboard the recommended times necessary to get them interested in you, on a weekly basis. With time so valuable leading up to an election, this can be a huge push toward support. In political campaign outdoor advertising reach and frequency is critical to success.

Sample Political Billboard

Including outdoor advertising in your political campaign

A key element to a successful outdoor advertising campaign is location. Deciding to include billboards in your campaign strategy shouldn’t be limited to working with a single billboard vendor since it limits your access. You need the ability to find billboards in the right location to expose the largest audience to your message. You also need to be sure the billboards you select are easy to see and close enough to the road for drivers to read as they go by. Effortless Outdoor Media not only has some of the most extensive knowledge about outdoor advertising in Georgia, but we also work with all billboard vendors. We’re able to provide maximum coverage through the long-term relationships we’ve established with billboard owners across the state. Not only that, but our understanding of the local area enables us to guide you to the right spots for the most impressions. We can make sure your billboard is not only in the right place, but is easily seen, without any obstructions blocking the view.

To get the most out of your political campaign outdoor advertising make sure your billboards, posters and transit ads have high visibility.

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