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A Creative Billboard Concept

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A Great Creative Concept

According to Outdoor Advertising Association of America President and CEO Nancy Fletcher, “Out of home continues to perform well year after year, and it remains one of the fastest growing advertising media.” She also stated that, “advertisers are making use of Out of Home’s dynamic mix of displays to surround, immerse, and engage consumers.” This year, the Gap Company used an Out of Home poster and digital billboard campaign to encourage passers-by to tweet photos to a certain hash tag and then the pictures were displayed on a giant billboard in Times Square. This interactive use of billboards and posters is just the type of creative campaign that will get your company noticed. According to Robert Fleege’s column at, “A great concept even in a bad location will stick out. One inexpensive billboard can generate a massive amount of publicity, water-cooler talk, brand awareness, and most importantly sales.”

flipgun billboard

Effortless Outdoor Media’s client, D. Geller and Sons, used a creative billboard this past year offering a free gun to whoever purchased an engagement ring on a certain weekend. Even if you don’t agree with the promotion, the fact is that that billboard generated news stories, water-cooler conversations, etc… The creative concept brought about a larger amount of advertising than the cost of the billboard. It was a truly successful use of outdoor advertising. Let Effortless Outdoor Media’s ace Bill Hobbs help you create a campaign that will generate as much publicity and brand awareness as possible. He’s been helping clients create successful campaigns for the last 24 years.




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