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Hollywood Billboards: How Marvel Uses Outdoor Advertising

Billboard advertising has long been a resource enjoyed by a variety of mediums. No matter how small or large you industry is, a billboard presents an equal opportunity for spreading the word on your brand. Case in point, the incredibly popular Marvel Entertainment.  Ready For The Future Of Your Billboard? Contact Us. It’s hard to […]

The Accessibility Of Outdoor Ads

Welcome back to the Effortless Outdoor Media blog archive! Today, we’ll be discussing the accessibility of outdoor ads, and why they’re so effective. First and foremost, you’re able to market to a countless number of people. It’s estimated that over three quarters of Americans spend at least some time on the road everyday. In the […]

Billboard Loving Brands

There are billboards in every state in America. That’s because companies have long seen the value of taking advantage of all that space on the open road. Virtually every major brand that’s serious about getting the word out on their offerings has a billboard set up somewhere. Let’s take a deeper look into some of […]

Ancient Billboards: A History Lesson

Did you know that billboards pre-date most of the common modern forms of advertising? In fact, you can trace the history of some of these ancient billboards back several millennia. Their roots are found in Egypt, though they went by a different name back then. That’s right: hieroglyphs are considered to be ancient billboards. Of […]

Some More Interesting Billboard History

The industry is chocked full of fun facts and interesting billboard history that you may not be aware of! First let’s look at its actual name. Did you know there was a literal meaning behind it’s etymology? While the “board” aspect is fairly self explanatory, its first half actually carries a rich lineage. This comes […]

Musical Billboards

There’s so much you can do with an outdoor advertisement. Static billboards are just as effective as they’ve always been. But along with the advent of technology in the world, has come a multitude of ways to skin this particular cat. A great example of this are musical billboards! This spike in technological advancements has […]

Getting The Most Value Out Of Your Billboard

By now, we all know the true value of billboard advertising. Everyone has to come outside at some point. Whether it’s a trip to the grocery store, a doctor’s appointment, and so on. There’s always a reason to leave the house. And with that, comes the opportunity to market your brand via a competent, eye […]

Mobile Billboards

When you think of billboard advertising, you often think of a board with static placement. This is not in reference to the style of the board, i.e., static or digital, but rather to its positioning. And you wouldn’t be wrong for thinking this; the resounding majority of ads are usually relegated to one location. But […]

How Automobiles Expanded The Billboard Industry

Billboards and outdoor advertising have been around for ages. As we’ve previously discussed, there were outdoor ads as early as the days where farming was the main source of industry in America. But the field (no pun intended) didn’t see a true expansion until the invention of automobiles. It stands to reason of course. Once […]

Farming & Billboards

Farming | Regardless of what you do, a billboard is a great way to get the word out. That’s because so many people are likely to see them in their travels on a given day. As such, the billboard industry has a long and storied history across the globe. It has brought a great deal […]